Should I destroy the Greybox Mass Effect 2?

You can do it for her, or you can convince her it’s better she does it herself, but it will be destroyed, and she won’t have to worry about it anymore. Regardless of your decision in Mass Effect 2, Kasumi will become loyal to you. None of the choices do result in a negative action.

What happens if you destroy Keiji’s Greybox?

If you Destroy the Graybox: Kasumi will let go of the box, and with it her obsessive ties to Keiji, who is gone.

Should Kasumi destroy Greybox?

Mass Effect players that wish to free Kasumi from the memory of Keiji Okuda are thus advised to destroy the graybox, though the choice ultimately comes down to personal preference.

Can you save Kasumi Mass Effect 2?

Her loyalty mission, Kasumi: Stealing Memory, is an extremely tough one, especially if you’re still early in the game. Even though you can attempt to complete it early on, it’s probably best to save it for later in the game since Kasumi is the only squadmate who can go with you and it contains some tough firefights.

What was on the Greybox?

The information within Keiji’s graybox is revealed to be incriminating evidence of an Alliance black ops raid on a batarian research station possessing Reaper technology. The raid turned into a massacre, but the Alliance returned empty-handed and they faked a power failure to hide the incident.

Was Kasumi in the original Mass Effect 2?

Kasumi and Zaeed were supposed to be in Mass Effect 2, but were cut due to time and budget restraints before being brought back as DLC.

Is Kasumi Romanceable Mass Effect?

To get right to it, there is simply no way to romance Kasumi Goto in this critically-acclaimed action RPG from BioWare. In fact, the options for interacting with Kasumi are generally quite limited, as they are with Zaeed Massani, another of Mass Effect 2’s DLC squad members.

Is Kasumi in Mass Effect 3?

Kasumi appears in Mass Effect 3 provided that you imported a save with her surviving the suicide mission of the previous game, however, Goto does not join your squad.

How old is Kasumi Goto?

According to a Mass Effect 2 character document used during development, Kasumi was first conceptualized as a “Spacejacker”, a 25-year-old ship thief/hacker who crosses paths with Shepard when they’re trying to steal the same thing.