Very often our teachers at school or university tell us to prepare an argumentative essay.

An argumentative essay must contain some elements to convince people to believe you. Usually, these components include a topic, convincing evidence, the balance of consideration and persuasive expression. Each essay has an introduction, the main paragraph and a conclusion.

Before writing, you should know what means an argumentative essay. So, it is a text where you have to express your opinion; it is a text where you should prove your position by facts and examples; it is a text where you need to describe both sides of your topic.

Some students write an essay very quickly and consider their work to be perfect. In fact, the task can be failed, because not all people think about possible mistakes in their writing. For example, some students forget about the paragraphs and grammar, while others, who knows how to write correctly, get the best grades for the task. Also, don’t use simple words, such as ‘good’ and ‘bad’. Write ‘incredible’ and ‘awful’ instead of them. Try to differentiate your writing and let your teacher think that your vocabulary is very wide.

So, how to escape mistakes in the essay? There some tips, which every student should know to write a really perfect essay.


Some students write their essays and even don’t think about the paragraphs. They can write an essay without division the text. It is considered to be a mistake. Teachers at school and in the university usually tell the students how to write an argumentative essay without mistakes. But sometimes, scholars forget the rules about the correct writing and can make some mistakes. So, don’t forget to divide the text into paragraphs.


Each student has a topic, but not all can elaborate on it. Pupils change the theme to another, but they haven’t to do it. Of course, they don’t do it on purpose, but there are some moments when writers don’t know what to add to their essay. They should control their thoughts on the paper and not write other thoughts, because the essay should be consistent with the rules.

Incorrect arguments

The thesis and arguments must be included in argumentative essays. But sometimes, it isn’t connected with each other. Students write the thesis and can’t prove it by necessary arguments. For example, they write the thesis about the importance of foreign languages, but, maybe, not all people have a fantasy to add interesting arguments to the essay.

The same arguments

We should come up with different arguments to write an argumentative essay. Some students paraphrase the same arguments and don’t think that it could be a mistake. But you should remember that writing the similar arguments is incorrect for your task.