Is Versapay a good company to work for?

Is Versapay a good company to work for? Versapay has an overall rating of 4.4 out of 5, based on over 108 reviews left anonymously by employees. 86% of employees would recommend working at Versapay to a friend and 87% have a positive outlook for the business. This rating has improved by 9% over the last 12 months.

How much does Versapay cost?

Cost Summary

Swiped Rate 2.39% + $0.25
Keyed-in Rate 2.99% + $0.20
Mobile Payment Rate 2.59% + $0.15
Early Termination Fee None
PCI Compliance Fee $99

Is Versapay secure?

Versapay does more than help merchants process payments within a secure environment: We remove you from PCI DSS scope by tokenizing and ensuring sensitive card information totally bypasses your ecommerce site.

What is Versapay arc?

About Versapay Versapay ARC is the new standard in accounts receivable and collections management with a customer self-service environment to view invoices online, collaborate on inquiries and disputes, and facilitate secure online payments (EFT/ACH and credit card).

Is Versapay a payment gateway?

Protect yourself from payments fraud Our flexible payment gateway, integrations with popular shopping carts, and competitive merchant services help you securely process your online orders from cart-to-cash.

What is accounts receivable automation?

That’s where Accounts Receivable Automation comes in. AR Automation is, simply put, a way of automating repetitive and time-consuming tasks for your accounts receivable team. It can also help you increase the probability of immediately approved invoices that will be paid more quickly by your customers.

How do I become a payment processor?

How to become a payment service provider

  1. Set up infrastructure. You can either host your gateway on the third-party server or prepare the server on your own.
  2. Integrate with a payment processor.
  3. Develop CRM.
  4. Implement tokenization.
  5. Get 3DS certificate from EMVCo.
  6. Apply for PCI.

How do you automate collections?

Automate the collections process

  1. Optimize your invoice delivery mix.
  2. Offer customers a self-service portal.
  3. Select an intelligent collections solution.
  4. Integrate your customer payments.
  5. Move customer communication & collaboration online.
  6. Opt for advanced cash application.
  7. Use smart bank reconciliation.
  8. Get real-time analytics.

How much do payment processors make?

Salary Ranges for Payment Processors The salaries of Payment Processors in the US range from $19,064 to $62,055 , with a median salary of $46,920 . The middle 57% of Payment Processors makes between $46,920 and $51,897, with the top 86% making $62,055.

Is PayPal a payment processor?

The PayPal Commerce Platform gives you a payment gateway and payment processor all in one, making it simple to start selling. There are no set-up or monthly fees for PayPal Commerce Platform.

How do you automate customer payments?

How Do I Set up Automatic Payments?

  1. Do Your Research. Look into the various service providers that enable small businesses to accept automatic payments.
  2. Make Sure It’s Secure.
  3. Market It to Customers.
  4. Provide Incentives.
  5. Improves Cash Flow.
  6. Client Convenience.
  7. Saves Time.
  8. Offers Greater Security.