Is Torc Mountain difficult?

Warning: the Torc steps are not for the faint hearted and will have your heart racing in no time. Also, the surface is very rough, uneven and sometimes muddy. It is a loop walk, which goes up the steep steps, contours Torc Mountain east, then descends and parallels the N71 back to both carparks.

How long does it take to climb Torc?

2-2.5 hour
Gallery. Torc Mountain is an extremely popular and scenic moderate 2-2.5 hour (7.5 km) walking route to the summit of Torc Mountain (535m) with spectacular 360 degree views of Killarney town and lakes, Muckross House, the Killarney National Park and the McGillicuddy’s Reeks, County Kerry in the south west of Ireland.

Where do you start Torc Mountain?

The initial section of the route is part of the ‘Kerry Way’ long distance walking trail and is also the traditional starting point for the Old Kenmare Road route. Leave the car park behind you and follow the trail as you head towards the shoulder of Torc Mountain.

How long is Torc Waterfall?

360 ft
The waterfall, which lies at the base of Torc Mountain, in the Killarney National Park, is 4.3 miles (7 kilometres) from Killarney in County Kerry, Ireland. The waterfall is a popular site on the Ring of Kerry and the Kerry Way tours….

Torc Waterfall
Run 110 metres (360 ft)
Watercourse Owengarriff River

Can you walk the Gap of Dunloe?

Can you walk through the Gap of Dunloe? Yes, the walk takes approximately 2.5 hours from Kate Kearney’s Cottage to Lord Brandon’s Cottage (7 miles; 11 km).

Where is Cardiac Hill Killarney?

Located approximately 10 minutes drive from the centre of Killarney, Cardiac Hill (or cardiac steps) is the name locals give to Huntsman’s Hill. It’s also known as the ‘red trail’ in Killarney National Park. It’s a 3.5km one-way loop walk which takes you across the west face of Torc Mountain.

Can you walk up Carrauntoohil?

The Carrauntoohil hike isn’t a climb you just head off on. It requires planning and careful consideration and it shouldn’t be attempted by novice climbers (unless accompanied by a guide). The mighty Carrauntoohil mountain is, at a giddy 1,038 metres, the highest mountain in Ireland – so it isn’t a walk in the park.

Is there toilets at Torc Waterfall?

There’s some railings near the public toilets that you come to right next to the bridge, where you can lock up your bike. From here, it’s a short walk across to Torc Waterfall.

Where does Torc Waterfall start?

Torc Waterfall is approximately 7 kilometres from Killarney Town and approx 2.5 kilometres from the motor entrance to Muckross House and is signposted from a carpark off the N71. A short walk of approx 200 metres brings you to the waterfall.

Can you drive a car through the Gap of Dunloe?

In reality, the road through the Gap of Dunloe is a public roadway and it is perfectly legal to take your own car through the gap.

Is Cardiac Hill Torc Waterfall?

If you’re ever down in Killarney and looking for a short sharp bit of exercise, then try out the Cardiac Hill loop walk which starts from near the famous Torc waterfall.