Is there an activation fee for Walmart Family Mobile?

All of our service plans are monthly, pay-as-you-go plans. There are no contracts or activation fees.

What carrier does Walmart Family Mobile use?

Background: Walmart Family Mobile Powered by T-Mobile is a postpaid, no annual contract wireless service available only at Walmart stores nationwide and through, featuring 4G LTE data speeds on T-Mobile’s nationwide network.

Will T-Mobile phones work on Walmart Family Mobile?

Supported Phones And BYOD Devices Walmart Family Mobile offers support for bring your own device. Any out of contract T-Mobile compatible device will work.

Can I use Walmart Family Mobile on a Verizon phone?

Walmart Family Mobile compatible phones With a range of handsets from basic cell phones to the latest smartphones. If your phone was purchased through a plan with, AT, Verizon, or T-Mobile you’ll need to check the phone is unlocked.

How do you cancel Walmart Family Mobile?

A device can be removed from the account by calling us at 1-877-440-9758 or by going to our website at After logging in to My Account, select “All Options” for the device you would like to delete.

Do you have to activate a phone when you buy it?

Yes, you are certainly correct. An unlocked device does not require activation at checkout and should work simply by inserting a SIM card from a compatible carrier but the added discount is an incentive provided, usually by the carrier, so that customers can activate the device on their network at checkout.

What cell phone towers does family mobile use?

Network Coverage Walmart Family Mobile is a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) that doesn’t own any cell phone towers. Instead, the service partners with T-Mobile to provide coverage. Therefore, the provider is best for people who live and work in areas where T-Mobile’s coverage is strong.

Is Straight Talk and Family mobile the same?

Straight Talk wireless is part of the Walmart Family Mobile phone plans.

How do I switch from T-Mobile to Family mobile?

To transfer your number from another provider to your existing Family Mobile account, call us at 1-877-440-9758. Was this answer helpful?

Are family mobile phones locked?

Your device cannot be unlocked because it was branded by the manufacturer. This means that your device can ONLY be used by one brand. If you would like to see if your device is eligible to be unlocked, visit our Unlocking Policy page. Was this answer helpful?

Can I keep my phone number without service?

Under FCC regulations, you have the right to keep your cell phone number (it doesn’t belong to your carrier). So a carrier is required to relinquish your cell phone number to you if you so request.