Is there a way to randomize a Spotify playlist?

You can turn on the shuffle feature on Spotify, and randomize the order of the songs in a playlist or album. To turn on shuffle on Spotify, you just need to tap the shuffle button, which looks like two arrows intertwined.

Can you look up someone’s playlist on Spotify?

As for playlists, just enter the playlist name you are looking for into the search box and hit enter. You should get playlist results at the top (as cover artwork) and if you click “See All” it will open its own search window.

How do I turn off auto play on Spotify?

How to Stop Spotify from Automatically Playing

  1. Update the Spotify app on your PC or Mac.
  2. Open the Settings menu and select ‘Playback. ‘
  3. Toggle ‘Autoplay’ off, and it should now work as intended.

How do you find hidden playlists on Spotify?

Anyone can go to to view your “secret” playlists and all of the songs within them.

Does Spotify have a shuffle algorithm?

Spotify HAS changed the shuffle algorithm When Spotify first started, it operated on true random shuffle. Every song in a playlist had equal chance of coming up when you pressed the shuffle button.

Why is Spotify shuffle not random?

More often than not, the reason why your Spotify Shuffle play is not random is because Spotify could have already updated their Shuffle play algorithm and you’ll never know since you are on a older version of Spotify and when it still plays that same song over again and again.

How do you find a friend’s playlist on Spotify without Facebook?

It’s easy for you. Type spotify:user:username (with your friend’s username) on the search bar to find your friend. At the top it should say “Make it easier to access username’s music by adding them to your people list” with a button to add them.

Why can’t I find someone on Spotify?

Your Spotify account must be connected to Facebook to find your friends in the FIND FRIENDS list. If your Spotify account’s connected to Facebook but you still can’t find your friends, check on Facebook to see if your Friends list is shared with Spotify: In a web browser, go to

Why does Spotify keep playing songs not on my playlist?

Go to settings > play > there you should find at the end of the list AutoPlay which was switched on, and you can switch that off. My playlists stopped at the end of the last song I put up there. Fixed the issue.. mine had auto play enabled.. as soon as I turned it off, it was fixed!

How do I access my secret playlist?

Once you’ve made a playlist secret it’ll no longer be displayed upon searching for it in the Search bar. You can still view your secret playlists under the Playlists section in Your Library. You can read more about playlist privacy and how to set your playlists back to public in this article.

Can Spotify followers see secret playlists?

If you are in public mode and you are listening to “Private” playlist, your friends/followers will see artist’s name, song name and the album name of that song, they won’t see the playlist, though. When you are in private mode, then your friends/followers will not see a thing.