Is there a way to get free donuts in tapped out?

Tapped Out 500 Free Donuts There is a discord channel for Simpsons: Tapped Out. They give all new people who join 500 free donuts. No strings attached to this. Join the discord, comment in the for the signup donuts and you will be given the donuts for free!

How do you get donuts fast in Simpsons Tapped Out?

Ways to Get Donuts

  1. Level up. You usually get 1-2 donuts when you go up a level.
  2. Clean up Springfield. Lisa and Homer can uncover donuts when they perform the Clean Up Springfield task about 1 every 5 times (I would estimate).
  3. Connect with friends.
  4. Answer the Mayan God’s question correctly the 1st time.

What is the highest level you can get it tapped out?

Re: What is the maximum level in the game the simpsons tapped out? Maximum level is 939.

Can you give donuts in tapped out?

Which buildings give donuts in tapped out? Lard Lad Donut Factory and Costco are the only buildings that give donuts.

What happens if you grow Triffids?

The reward for Triffids is listed as ‘End of Humanity’. The crop actually instead rewards 200 XP, and no cash. This is possibly a reference to the 1951 film The Day of the Triffids deals with an aggressive species of plant destroying humanity. The time for corn to grow is three months, or 90 days.

What happens after level 60 tapped out?

Level 60 is just like every other level in TSTO. You play it, you move through it and you move on. The content will be in the game for as long as the game is running. So you have FOR-EV-ER (in TSTO world) to finish it.

What does the sky finger do in tapped out?

The Sky Finger Monument has a feature once Get to the Point Pt. 4 is started which enables it to collect the income from everything that generates currencies in the player’s town waiting to be collected. It can only be used once every 24 hours or it can be rushed for 72 donuts.