Is there a market for non-GMO corn?

“The non-GMO corn and soybean market is no niche,” he said. “The value of identity preserved soybeans was $1.7 billion. That’s not niche.” The market for products that are Non-GMO Project Verified is estimated at $34 billion with some 60,000 products verified as non-GMO.

How much does organic corn cost?

Currently, organic corn is trading above $9.00 per bushel and soybeans are trading above $21.00 per bushel. Similar to conventional crop prices, organic prices are down from several years ago.

What is organic corn?

Introduction. Organic field corn (Zea mays) destined for human consumption or animal feed is grown using production methods intended to mimic natural processes. These include a wide range of cultural practices and natural inputs, but exclude most synthetic pesticides and standard commercial fertilizers.

What is corn price today?

Key Data

Label Value
Last 786.25
Prior Settlement 778.75
52 Week High 818.25
52 Week Low 495.75

How much does corn sell for per bushel?

Average cost per bushel has been between $1.25 and $1.95 in the cash corn division and $1.13 and $1.81 in the livestock corn division.

Why it is so hard to be an organic corn farmer?

Organic corn gets a bit harder to manage as you move to larger acreages, since this makes it more difficult to deal with the rotation, fertility and mechanical weed control issues.

How can you tell if corn is GMO?

Identify how produce is grown by reading its label or sticker number.

  1. 4-digit number means food was conventionally grown.
  2. 5-digit number that begins with a 9 means produce is organic.
  3. 5-digit number that begins with an 8 means it is genetically modified. (

Is all corn GMO in USA?

Today, there are at least 238 distinct varieties of genetically modified corn. While not all of those varieties are commercially available, the unfortunate reality is that nearly all corn grown in North America is genetically modified.

Is corn a good investment?

Corn is one of the world’s most widely farmed crops, in part, because corn is needed for foodstuffs, plastics, and biofuel around the world. That makes corn a good investment and a fairly stable one.

How much does it cost to plant a acre of corn?

Total non-land costs are projected at $755 per acre for corn, a $124 increase over the $631 per acres cost in 2021 (see Table 1).