Is the movie Parker on Netflix?

Introducing Parker, which stars Jason Statham and Jennifer Lopez. The film originally premiered back in 2013, but it recently hit Netflix’s list of most-watched movies.

When was the movie Parker released?

January 25, 2013 (USA)Parker / Release date

Who plays in Netflix Parker?

Cast & Crew

  • Jason Statham. Parker.
  • Jennifer Lopez. Leslie.
  • Michael Chiklis. Melander.
  • Wendell Pierce. Carlson.
  • Clifton Collins Jr. Ross.
  • Bobby Cannavale. Jake Fernandez.
  • Patti LuPone. Ascension.
  • Carlos Carrasco. Norte.

What is Parker the movie about?

Daring, ruthless and meticulous, Parker (Jason Statham) is one of the most successful thieves in the business. But when his latest robbery turns deadly because of a careless crew member, he declines to join crime boss Melander (Michael Chiklis) and his gang for another heist. The crooks turn on Parker and leave him for dead. Parker survives and vows vengeance, tracing the gang to Palm Beach. There, he joins forces with an unlikely ally (Jennifer Lopez) to hijack the gang’s next big score.Parker / Film synopsis

How many Parker movies were there?

eight feature
The Parker character has appeared in eight feature films, though his name is used in only the most recent, titled, appropriately, Parker.

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What is Jason Statham’s new movie called?

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Is Jason Statham Parker in Taylor Hackford’s new film noir thriller?

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How old is Jason Statham?

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