Is the Luton Airport Shuttle Bus free?

Getting to the station If your ticket is from Luton Airport Parkway (LTN), you can pay the Shuttle Bus fare separately. The prices are £2.40 for a Single, £3.80 for a Standard Open Return. Children between 5 and 15 travel half price, and under 5s go free. The Shuttle Bus accepts both cash and contactless payments.

What is the nearest train station to Luton Airport?

Luton Parkway Station
The nearest train station is about a mile from the Luton Airport passenger terminal, called Luton Parkway Station. Shuttle buses like that pictured right run roughly every 10 minutes between the station and the passenger terminal from 5am to midnight.

How often is the Luton Airport Shuttle Bus?

every ten minutes
Rail to airport shuttle bus runs every ten minutes during the day. connects with train services at Luton Airport Parkway overnight. journey time is less than ten minutes.

Can I use my Oyster card to get to Luton?

No. Luton is outside the london travel zones. You can purchase a seperate train ticket at the station.

How early should I get to Luton Airport?

about 2 to 3 hours
Security is here to keep you safe. And it means that we have to spend the appropriate time checking every passenger and the things they bring. That’s why it’s always best to get to the airport about 2 to 3 hours before your flight is due to depart.

What train line is Luton Airport on?

A Thameslink train runs from Luton Airport Parkway to St Pancras International station in London. After that, the train also stops at Farringdon, City Thameslink, London Blackfriars and Gatwick. An East Midlands train station also follows the same line as far as London St Pancras International station.

How do you get to Luton Airport?

Train to Luton Airport. There is a regular shuttle bus service between Luton Airport Parkway and London Luton Airport terminal. The service runs every ten minutes during the day and also runs through the night. Rail passengers can purchase tickets to London Luton Airport.

What’s the difference between Luton Airport and Luton Airport Parkway?

Key Luton Airport information London Luton Airport (LTN) is located north-west of central London. Many low-cost airlines offering cheap flights are based at Luton Airport. Luton Airport Parkway train station is 10 minutes from the airport by shuttle bus. Trains from Luton to central London take about 45 minutes.

What London zone is Luton?

London Underground Zone 1-6 to Luton Airport Parkway by train

Distance miles ( km)
Departure station London Underground Zone 1-6
Arrival station Luton Airport Parkway

Is Luton classed as London?

Luton is home to London Luton Airport, but any Lutonian worth their salt knows the town isn’t part of London. Over in the capital, though, some Londoners beg to differ. A new study by polling agency YouGov has found that one in 10 Londoners think Luton is part of London.

How do I get to Luton Airport from National Express?

With coaches departing from multiple London stops across the capital, you’ll find National Express buses more convenient than the train. Travel to Luton Airport from one of these locations at a time that fits your schedule: Service A1 from London Victoria Coach Station calls at:

How do I get from Birmingham Airport to Luton?

If you need a fast and convenient transfer service between Birmingham and Luton Airport, Heathrow, Stansted or Gatwick, pick up happens outside the terminal. Book at the airport ticket office upon arrival or give us a call.

Take a look at our London Victoria Coach Station facilities . To ensure a stress-free travel experience we recommend you get to the airport at least 3 hours before your scheduled flight departure time. To pass the time until your flight, Luton Airport is packed with facilities to help you pass the time.

Is Wi-Fi available at Luton Airport?

Wi-Fi is available throughout the airport and is free for the first 4 hours. There are also plenty of chances to take out cash and exchange currency. Before visiting the airport, it’s best to familiarise yourself with what you can take through security to avoid any delays. For a summary of Luton Airport’s security checklist, click here.