Is the Bose Cinemate 1 SR Bluetooth?

(The Bose WB-135 Wall Mount Kit is sold separately.) The Bluetooth-enabled subwoofer is paired with the array at the factory and is meant for placement within 30 feet. The only thing to plug in is the power cord….Bose® CineMate® 1 SR Home Theater Speaker System.

Soundbar Inputs Optical and coaxial digital; stereo
Weight Soundbar: 7.8 lb
Acoustimass Module: 13.8 lb

Can you adjust the bass on Bose Cinemate?

You can use the audio equalization controls on your product (i.e. bass or treble) to adjust the sound quality to your liking.

Why won’t my Bose Cinemate turn on?

Be sure the power cord is connected to a working power outlet. If the outlet is controlled by a wall switch, be sure the switch is on. You can also verify if the outlet works by connecting another electronic device, such as a lamp.

How do I turn on my Bose speaker without the remote?

You can use your Bose speakers / soundbar without a remote. To do this, install the Bose Music app first. Then, enable a certain feature – like “Auto-wake” and “Power Sync.” But if you’re looking for an alternative to remote, you may also use your mobile phone. As well as a universal remote control.

How do I connect my Bose to my TV?

Connecting a TV with an HDMI (ARC) jack

  1. Connect an HDMI cable from the HDMI (ARC) jack on your TV to your speaker.
  2. Connect your other devices (i.e. cable box or Blu-ray player) to the available inputs on your TV.
  3. In the TV menu, enable ARC and CEC. (

When did Bose Cinemate 1 SR come out?

Software Release Notes

Released System software release notes
2011 Initial release

How do I adjust the bass on my Bose surround sound?

To increase or decrease the amount of bass or treble produced by your soundbar:

  1. In the Bose Music app, tap the Audio button.
  2. Under the Soundbar section, tap the + or – buttons to adjust the bass or treble levels in increments of 10 (from -100 to 100).

Can you turn on Bose without remote?

Use Your Smartphone to Turn ON Bose Soundbar Fortunately, you can control and turn ON your Bose soundbar or speaker through your smartphone. Whether it is an Android or an iPhone, the process works for both.

Why is my Bose surround sound not working?

The TV speakers may need to be turned off and the output may need to be set to Fixed or External Speakers. (Tip: If there is no fixed output option, you might need to turn up the TV volume to max to hear it through your Bose speakers—even if the TV speakers are turned off.)