Is Swarovski discontinuing flatback crystals?

Swarovski recently stopped production of the wildly popular 2058 Flat Back rhinestone and all sizes above 12ss and all colors are now discontinued. This is in favor of the new Xirius cut they released. Unfortunately, this new cut also comes with a price increase!

Are Swarovski rhinestones being discontinued?

As of November 2021, there will no longer be newly produced Swarovski crystal components (i.e. rhinestones, trims and Crystalpixie) available for our customers (dance, costuming, DIY and nail art customers) to purchase.

Is Swarovski beads going out of business?

We are trying to stock up on a lot of staples so that we can continue to have stock for you all but after September all of our Swarovski beads, stones and pearls will be considered discontinued and will only be available while supplies last.

What’s the difference between rhinestones and Swarovski crystals?

The Difference Between Swarovski Crystals and Rhinestones But with the dwindling supply, rhinestones are now being mass produced using pastes and plastics. As with their crystal beads, Swarovski is a leader in the rhinestone market that revolutionised the market with one of it’s kind man made high quality crystals.

Do Swarovski crystals hold their value?

Their crystals are synthetic glass crystal cut to look like diamonds; essentially non-precious lead glass cut into specific shapes and dimensions. These crystals do not hold a high value for its inherent material but are priced higher due to their brand name, quality, work process, and unique artwork.

Which rhinestones sparkle the most?

Swarovski: The highest quality rhinestone. Made in Austria, each stone has 14 facets unless it is vintage, in which case it has 12 facets. The more facets, the more light that is reflected.

Where to buy rhinestones in bulk?

Buy crystals online at Best Crystals Wholesale! Shop natural raw crystals in bulk, crystal jewelry and gemstone beads at wholesale prices + FREE Shipping at $35

How much do Swarovski crystals cost at wholesale?

Swarovski Mo and Ricci Holiday Annual Edition 2021 Set. $140.00. Swarovski Little Star 2021 Ornament. $50.00. Swarovski Holiday Cheers Snowman, Small. $70.00. Swarovski Holiday Cheers Ball Ornament Santa Claus. $105.00. Swarovski 30th Anniversary 2021 Annual Edition Ornament.

Are Swarovski crystals worth it?

While Swarovski Jewelry might not be extremely worthy, it is one of the most beautiful kinds of jewelry and definitely pleases the eye. A good alternative to own some Swarovski without burning a hole in your pocket would be to find a combination of gold plated jewellery studded with Swarovski crystals.

Who sells Swarovski jewelry?

Touchstone Crystal by Swarovski offers a gorgeous line of affordable jewelry – all featuring Swarovski Crystal and Zirconia through our Independent Sales Consultants. Host a party for a fun experience and lots of free jewelry or start a business with unlimited income potential.