Is Sky Saxon still alive?

June 25, 2009Sky Saxon / Date of death

What happened to the band the seeds?

The Seeds disbanded in 1969, and the eccentric Saxon recorded with other musicians over the years. He joined a commune called the Source Family and moved to Hawaii for a time, but in the last several years he performed with retro psychedelia shows at the Knitting Factory and other Southern California venues.

Who was the lead singer of the seeds?

Sky SaxonThe Seeds / Lead singerSky “Sunlight” Saxon was an American rock and roll musician best known as the leader and singer of the 1960s Los Angeles psychedelic garage rock band The Seeds. Wikipedia

Who were the seeds?

The Seeds
The group in 1966. From left: Rick Andridge, Daryl Hooper, Sky Saxon, and Jan Savage
Background information
Origin Los Angeles, California, United States
Genres Psychedelic rock, acid rock, garage rock, proto-punk

Where is the group the seeds from?

Los Angeles, CAThe Seeds / Origin

Who played bass for the seeds?

Sky Saxon, the mop-haired bass player and front man for the psychedelic protopunk band the Seeds, whose 1965 song “Pushin’ Too Hard” put a Los Angeles garage-band spin on the bad-boy rocker image personified by the Rolling Stones, died Thursday in Austin, Tex. He was thought to be 71.

Who was the drummer for the seeds?

Rick Andridge1965 – 2011
Don Boomer
The Seeds/Drummers

Where are the seeds band from?

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What genre are the seeds?

RockThe Seeds / Genre

What keyboard did the seeds use?

Yeah, we used him on most sessions but when we were first together and performing, I just used the low keys on the Wurlitzer piano and then the Fender Rhodes Bass came out, a little short keyboard, and I switched over to that. And this was before The Doors were doing it, by the way.