Is Shimano Alivio good for trail?

Verdict. Shimano Alivio is targeted at the casual rider such as family groups and people who ride simply to get outdoors, not to ride trails and jumps. For this purpose, Shimano Alivio is incredible, offering brand new components to freshen up older spec bikes without breaking the bank.

Is Shimano Alivio good?

Alivio is another small step up in gear hierarchy, it’s still a 9 speed drivetrain this one offers lighter components and reportedly better shifting than Acera and Altus. Shimano reckons this little lot is for good quality recreational mountain bikes, we saw it specced recently on a new 2020 Trek Calibre costing £750.

Is Shimano Alivio M4000 good?

Shimano Alivio M4000 Shadow 9 Speed Rear Mech Alivio MTB – dedicated Mountain Biking components. Control with Confidence: Proven race technology with improved ergonomics, durability and reliability….Forcemajeure.

OVERALL RATING 3 ★★★ ★★★★★
VALUE RATING 4 ★★★★ ★★★★★

Which is better Altus or Alivio?

The main difference between these two is the Alivio offers some additional crankset components that are not present in the Altus. There are also variations in their weight and overall build. The Altus groupset is slightly cheaper so if cost is a concern it might be a more suitable choice between these two.

How many teeth does Shimano Alivio have?

And, the Alivio features 11-tooth pulleys, which alternate chain-link contact reducing wear and smoothing pedaling.

Is Shimano Alivio for MTB?

Experience the real MTB flavor! The ALIVIO group feature a full complement of advanced SHIMANO functions. Features like 9-speed, powerful V-BRAKE and disc brake systems, and RAPIDFIRE PLUS shifting make ALIVIO the trend-setting group for quality recreational mountain bikes.

Which is better Deore or Alivio?

Alivio is only one step down from the more well-known groupset Deore (M6000), which appears on entry-level racing mountain bikes all over the world. As one might expect, it’s a little bit better again relative to Acera and the groupsets further below. Smoother, faster, slightly more reliable – you get the idea.

Is Alivio compatible with deore?

Yes. You can take any 7-9 speed Shimano rear derailleur and use it with any Shimano 7-9 rear shifter. And the Deore front shifter will pair fine with the Altus FD.

What level is Shimano Alivio?

Alivio (M4000) – the top of the bottom-end, so to speak – also offers 2×9 and 3×9-speed options. Alivio is only one step down from the more well-known groupset Deore (M6000), which appears on entry-level racing mountain bikes all over the world.

Is Alivio 9 speed?

Shimano Alivio SL-M3100-R shifter The 9-speed rear shifter has a gear selector indicator and features Shimano’s Rapidfire Plus system that’s been around since 1985, so there’s nothing new to report there. It’s possible to shift three gears with one push using the main thumb paddle.

Can I use Altus shifter to Alivio RD?