Is Shawn Mendes still friends with Cameron Dallas?

Shawn Mendes and Cameron Dallas have always been good friends having both been discovered and gained major success through their amazing six second Vines, but based on a recent comment that Cameron left on Shawn’s Instagram, some fans think there may be some beef between the two social media stars.

Is Cameron Dallas related to Shawn Mendes?

So while Shawn and Cameron have a bit of a complicated relationship, we know they’ll always have each other’s backs. They might not actually be related, despite looking alike, but they for sure are brothers forever.

What song is Shawn Mendes singing in the 100?

And that’s the moral of the story when it comes to singer-songwriter Shawn Mendes’ appearance on The 100. The CW has released a clip of his appearance, in which he, not so surprisingly, sings at the request of Raven (who’s refusing to get an operation?).

When was Magcon created?

September, 2013
Magcon was first founded in September, 2013 by an entrepreneur named Bart Bordelon. Bordelon got the idea from Aaron Carpenter, an internet personality, who said he was going to the mall to meet up with some of his Instagram followers.

Why is Shawn Mendes on The 100?

Macallan is the first character on The 100 to be portrayed by a singer. This is also Mendes’s first acting role on television. Mendes is a big fan of The 100. He tweeted to the The 100 writers to show his interest in acting in the show.

Does Shawn Mendes have a kid?

Camila Cabello and Shawn Mendes are officially parents…of a little fur baby. The hitmakers recently adopted a new puppy named Tarzan, and like any proud new parents, the couple is showering their furry friend with tons of love and plenty of cuddles.

Does Magcon still exist?

In 2014, a few members left the group, but MAGCON didn’t officially come to an end until 2017. Over the years, the members have gone to have major careers in the music industry, acting world and even on Broadway.

What day did Magcon end?

April 17, 2014
After several successful appearances at the convention, Hayes Grier, Nash Grier, Cameron Dallas, and Carter Reynolds announced that they would be leaving Magcon on April 17, 2014. It caused an upset on social media, with the hashtags “#RIPMagcon” and “#cutformagcon” trending.