Is Samsung Gusto 3 a 3G phone?

Stay in touch with loved ones with this Verizon Wireless Prepaid Samsung Gusto 3 SMB311VZPP cell phone that enables calling and text messaging and features 3G speed for Web access.

Is the Samsung Gusto 2 a 3G phone?

3G data speed for fast Web browsing and multimedia downloads.

Where is the SIM card on a Samsung Gusto 3?

According to the Verizon website, the Samsung Gusto 3 does not have a SIM card but a memory card, in which case the memory card will not be able to replace the SIM in the HTC Desire because it is a global/4G smartphone.

How do I block a number on my Samsung Gusto 3?

Restricting Incoming/Outgoing Calls

  1. Press the left soft key for Menu > Settings > Phone > Security.
  2. Enter your lock code and select Restrictions; re-enter lock code again to gain access.
  3. Use the Directional key to highlight Calls to set restrictions for calls, then press the OK key to SET.

Is Samsung Gusto 3 a 4G phone?

Connectivity. The Samsung Gusto 3 is 2G only, so that means no browsing or emails, just calls and texts. However, it also means that you can run the phone at very low cost. With the Gusto 3, there’s no 4G contract to pay for.

Does the Samsung Gusto 3 have Bluetooth?

With Bluetooth, you can take and make calls without reaching for your phone. The Samsung Gusto 3 isnt just for calling….Product information.

Product Dimensions 1.92 x 0.71 x 3.82 inches
Connectivity technologies Bluetooth
Special Features Bluetooth-enabled, Camera, Basic-phone

Does the Verizon Samsung Gusto 2 have a SIM card?

There is no SIM card slot on this device. The Gusto 2 is fully covered under our 14 Day Returns Policy.

Does a Samsung Gusto phone have a SIM card?

A: This phone does not use a SIM card.

When did the Samsung Gusto 3 come out?

When did the Samsung Gusto 3 come out?

Product Dimensions 1.92 x 0.71 x 3.82 inches
Colour Dark Blue
Department Prepaid Carrier Locked Device
Manufacturer Samsung
Date First Available August 29, 2011

When did the Samsung Gusto 2 come out?

Gusto 2 Specs

Release Date April 30, 2012
Regions Available USA
Operating System No Compare Custom Smartphones

Is Samsung Gusto 3 3g or 4G?