Is R15 V2 a good bike?

The ride quality is good. You do feel every bump, but it is not harsh and low speed ride is compliant enough. The R15 is easy to manoeuvre in the city. The riding position is reasonably more comfortable than the older version.

Which bike is better than Yamaha R15?

The ex-showroom price of Yamaha MT 15 is ₹ 1,47,716 and Yamaha YZF R15 V4 is ₹ 1,77,655….MT 15 vs YZF R15 V4 Comparison Overview.

Key Highlights MT 15 YZF R15 V4
Price ₹ 1,47,716 ₹ 1,77,655
Capacity 155 cc 155 cc
Power 18.23 bhp @ 10000 rpm 18.1 bhp @ 10000 rpm
Economy 45 kmpl 45 kmpl

Is the Yamaha R15 fast?

MILEAGE AND TOP SPEED Yamaha R15 V3 mileage is 40 kmpl (approximate). In terms of performance, the 150cc sports bike can accelerate from 0-100 kmph in 10.1 seconds. Yamaha R15 V3 top speed is 136 kmph (approximate).

How long will R15 engine last?

Again kudos to Yamaha for making a rock solid engine that still gives a mileage between 40-45kmpl after running for 10 years!!! And the fuel efficiency has remained constant as well inspite of the spirited high speed runs as well.

Can I buy R15 V2 now?

As expected, Yamaha has officially discontinued the R15 V2 in India, and the brand has removed the 150cc sport bike from the official website. The R15 series is now available in 2 variants: R15S and the recently launched R15 V3. Before discontinuation, the R15 V2 was priced at INR 1.19 lakh (ex-showroom India).

Is R15 a naked bike?

Since it is a naked bike, the engine remains completely exposed. Looks like, it will get a step-up single seat. R15 V3 gets twin LED headlamps, inspired by the elder Yamaha motorcycles. It is a fully faired motorcycle, defining the proper sportsbike.

Does R15 and MT-15 have same engine?

Dated January 17, 2019, the document makes it ample clear that the Yamaha MT-15 ABS will have the same engine that powers the Yamaha R15 V3. 0. It will be a single-cylinder, 155 cc engine with high compression ratio producing 19.3 PS of power at 10,000 rpm and delivering 4.7 Nm of torque at 8,500 rpm.

Does R15 V2 have slipper clutch?

There is no slipper clutch in the R15 V2.

Is the Yamaha R15 a good first motorcycle?

The Yamaha R15 has proven to be one of the best ways to introduce yourself to serious motorcycling. Be it the engine, the chassis, or even the looks, the R15 got everything spot on. Just that it’s old now, and while not any lesser in terms of appeal to the rider, the bike can be outshone in terms of looks.

What are the best modified R15’s?

Best Modified r15’s(DAILY UPDATE) Green Coloured R15’s Yamaha R15 v/s Bajaj P220 Modified Rear Fender In R15 Custom Airbrushing In R15 LED Tail Light In R15 Modified r15’s Videos Projection Lamps In R15 Dagrex Racking Kit In R15 ABS Sytem In R15 K&N Air Filter In R15 New Yamaha R15 Tips How To Increase Mileage How To Wash Your Bike

How fast does a Yamaha R15 V2 go?

The modified Yamaha R15 achieves 180 kph with ease while remaining 15 kph comes after considerable efforts. It seems like the motorcycle is equipped with improved performance parts for reaching such high speeds or not just that, it could be carrying an upgraded engine with a different bore and more displacement than a stock R15 V2.

What are the features of a modified Honda R15?

This modified R15 bike gets a bunch of features which includes cruise control, GPS navigation and some more. The first thing to catch your attention would be the fingerprint scanner which can be used to switch the ignition on of the bike.