Is Ortlieb a good brand?

The majority of cycle tourers across the globe will opt to buy Ortlieb bags. They are known in the market and on countless cycle forums as the most reliable, durable and, most importantly, waterproof. Pretty much every cycle tourer we have seen on the road has had a set of matching colourful ortlieb panniers.

How long do Ortlieb bags last?

Durable and repairable And we are proud of that. That’s why we give you a five-year guarantee for all our bags, whether it’s a bike bag, courier backpack, hiking backpack or trekking backpack. And if something should break, even after years of use, we’ll be happy to repair your ORTLIEB product for you.

Are Ortlieb bags waterproof?

AS LIGHT AS A FEATHER. To reduce the load on your future adventures, our packsacks are extremely durable and waterproof in all weathers – hand on!

Are Ortlieb panniers waterproof?

Lightweight, durable and guaranteed waterproof rear bike bags by ORTLIEB have an excellent reputation among biking enthusiasts. Whether you’re planning an extended tour or a ride into town, you’ll find the right bike bag here!

Do Ortlieb panniers attach to any rack?

Ortlieb panniers will fit to just about any rack, but may be not yours because of the double rails close together.

What are Ortlieb panniers made of?

Our collection includes numerous and diverse alternative to PVC, for example our Plus line panniers (Cordura), our Urban line (Cordura and cotton), Free Line (polyurethane-coated polyester fabric) or bags made out of nylon.

How do you clean Ortlieb bags?

All ORTLIEB products may be cleaned with warm water and mild soap. Please do not use solvents, alcohol or acid cleaners. You may also use gall soap and a soft brush to clean your Ortlieb product.

Is Ortlieb compatible with KLICKfix?

The technical information on Ortlieb’s website states “all ORTLIEB handlebar bags are compatible with the KLICKfix fixing system by Rixen & Kaul”.

Will my Ortlieb panniers fit on my rack?