Is OnePlus getting rid of Oxygen OS?

OnePlus has announced that its phones will continue running the popular OxygenOS software, after an outcry from the company’s fanbase.

Is oxygen OS still the best?

Although things are changing a bit in 2022 as far as its software goes, Oxygen OS is still one of the most highly-regarded Android skins on the market.

What is the future of oxygen OS?

Back in September 2021, OnePlus announced that it would merge ColorOS and OxygenOS custom skins into a new “unified” operating system for both Oppo and OnePlus users. Now, it has been confirmed that both the custom UIs will still be developed on the same codebase, but will remain separate.

What oxygen OS Come build in the OnePlus 8T?

Oxygen OS 12
For now, the stable Oxygen OS 12 build for the OnePlus 8 series, 8T, and 9R is rolling out to users who were previously running the open beta version of the software. OnePlus says the update should reach stable branch users very soon.

Why did OnePlus remove OxygenOS?

OnePlus has reportedly stopped the rollout of OxygenOS 12 to OnePlus 9 and the OnePlus 9 Pro. The decision comes days after users complained about facing issues after updating their devices to OxygenOS 12. “We are aware of the issues caused by the OxygenOS 12 update and our software team is fixing them.

Why OxygenOS is discontinued?

In 2021, OnePlus confirmed it would merge with Oppo and discontinue OxygenOS as it worked to blend the popular mobile operating system with Oppo’s ColorOS. As a result, everyone expected one “unified OS” that combines the best of both software stacks into one.

Why did OnePlus ditch OxygenOS?

Last year, we reported that OnePlus had decided to ditch its OxygenOS in favor of its sister brand Oppo’s ColorOS. This wasn’t supposed to be a simple switching of Android forks but an effort to combine the ColorOS with the unique features of the OxygenOS to form a sort of “unified OS”.

Will OxygenOS come back?

OxygenOS 13 is now confirmed as OnePlus ditches its plans to club OxygenOS and ColorOS into a unified Android skin. Read more below. In a new post on the OnePlus Forums website, OnePlus founder Pete Lau spoke about the future of OnePlus in 2022 and the brand’s plans moving forward.

Why did OnePlus stop Oxygen OS?

OnePlus has halted the rollout of the OxygenOS 12 software update due to performance complaints from users. The company had only recently started rolling out OxygenOS 12 to the OnePlus 9 and OnePlus 9 Pro, and the update was designed to bring Android 12 to the 2021 flagships.

Why Oxygen OS is discontinued?

Will OnePlus 8T get Android 14?

OnePlus 8T update history OnePlus has promised the phone will eventually get Android 14. This will be the phone’s last and final Android update.