Is nursing informatics in demand?

According to the Department of Labor, projected job growth through 2028 is 9%, much faster than average for most professions,3 with a projected 70,000 nursing informatics specialists/analysts needed by 2025.

What kind of jobs can you get with a nursing informatics degree?

Nursing Informatics Jobs

  • Chief Information Officers.
  • Chief Nursing Officer.
  • Clinical Analyst.
  • Clinical Informatics Nurses.
  • Clinical Specialist.
  • Health Informatics Officer.
  • Informatics Nurse.
  • Nursing Informatics Specialists.

Is informatics in high demand?

The number of health informatics jobs is expected to grow through 2026. In 2017, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported approximately 50,000 new jobs for this field of healthcare and cited medical records and health information professionals as one of the 20 fastest-growing occupations in the US.

What do nursing informatics nurses do?

A nurse informaticist provides information about new workflows, guides new technology and process implementation, and assesses data quality, giving care teams the best chance of optimal care delivery.

Is a nursing informatics degree worth IT?

Yes, a masters in health informatics is worth it for many students. The Bureau of Labor Statistics is projecting 15% job growth in healthcare occupations over the next 10 years. Common healthcare informatics careers include administrators, data analysts, project managers, IT consultants and computer system specialists.

Can nursing informatics work from home?

Health IT/Nursing Informatics Like many IT jobs, these are often done remotely, though many require some time in an office environment before transitioning to work at home. Nurses may move into this work by learning on the job and eventually make the move to telecommuting.

What are the cons of nursing informatics?

Nursing Informatics: The Down Side This is one of the disadvantages of technology in health care. Tech problems still exist: Informatic systems aren’t always interoperable with other electronic systems and records. Another drawback is lack of support by hospital administration, Health IT Analytics warns.

Is a degree in informatics worth it?

Is Nursing Informatics a good career?

In fact, the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) 2020 survey revealed that informatics nurses across the country have the potential to earn a high salary, depending on their level of education, where they work, and a number of other factors.

Is it worth getting a masters in nursing informatics?

What is the biggest issue nursing informatics?

One of the contemporary issues in nursing informatics is the ability to analyze care more effectively. Medical professionals sometimes provide unnecessary, expensive care because they can’t be sure what’s needed.