Is Mechelle McNair married again?

Steve McNairMechelle McNair / Spouse (m. 1997–2009)Stephen LaTreal McNair, nicknamed “Air McNair”, was an American football quarterback who played in the National Football League for 13 seasons, primarily with the Houston / Tennessee Oilers / Titans franchise. He also played for the Baltimore Ravens. Wikipedia

Who got Steve McNair’s estate?

McNair’s estate is sizeable. He earned more than $90 million in his playing career, not including marketing and endorsement deals. At last inventory, his widow listed his estate assets at around $19.6 million. Mechelle McNair hired a probate attorney and was granted the legal authority to administer his estate.

Who is Steve McNair’s wife?

Mechelle McNairSteve McNair / Wife (m. 1997–2009)

Was Steve McNair married at the time of his death?

Although McNair was still married to his wife of more than 10 years, Mechelle, he didn’t keep his relationship with Kazemi particularly secret. They vacationed in Las Vegas, Florida and elsewhere. Her family met him, and she told friends she had been to Mississippi to meet members of his family.

Who is Adrian Gilliam?

Adrian Gilliam, Man Who Sold Gun That Killed McNair, Wanted Affair with His Mistress Sahel Kazemi. NASHVILLE, Tenn. (CBS/AP) A convicted murderer who sold a gun to Steve McNair’s mistress was pursuing the young woman romantically, according to Nashville police.

Who is Leah Ignagni?

Facebook Photo Leah Ignagni, shown here in a Facebook photo obtained by Crimesider, has been named by Nashville police as NFL star Steve McNair’s second girlfriend after Sahel Kazemi, who allegedly shot and killed McNair before turning the gun on herself on July 4, 2009. McNair was married as well.

What happened to Steve McNair money?

Steve McNair had wills drafted two or three times before his death, but never signed them. But any will prior to the marriage would have been null and void under Tennessee law anyway, Cook said. McNair left a large estate behind that’s in probate in both Tennessee and Mississippi.

What happened to Steve McNair?

McNair’s tragic death in 2009 On July 4, 2009, Steve McNair and Sahel ‘Jenni’ Kazemi were found dead with gunshot wounds in a condo that McNair had rented in Nashville. The two had been linked romantically despite the fact McNair was married.

How much was Steve McNair worth at the time of his death?

It’s been rather surprising given the early fireworks last summer. McNair died with an estate worth more than $19 million but without even a basic will.

Who is Steve McNair wife Mechelle McNair?

One of the popular celebrity wives, Mechelle McNair, is best-known as the wife of late Steve McNair. Well, Steve was a prominent American football player who played as a quarterback in the NFL ( National Football League) for Baltimore Ravens before retirement.

What happened to Mechelle McNair in sports?

Sports was always one of the tougher areas for Mechelle to navigate. She never played. When McNair was alive, if one of the boys was struggling with a batting stance or a shot, he could go outside, spend 30 minutes with him and get it figured out.

What was the last conversation Mechelle and McNair had with each other?

The last full conversation he had with Mechelle centered on the restaurant’s nightly receipts constantly being off and her desire to help. She was so happy at the end of their talk, when he said she could attend the next employee meeting. McNair had dreams of his restaurant becoming a chain. A few months after his death, the restaurant was sold.

What happened to Steve McNair’s kids?

Steve and Mechelle had happily welcomed their first child, Tyler McNair, a year after getting married, followed by Trenton roughly five years later. By all accounts, although Steve was usually exhausted when at home due to his practice and games, things were good for the McNair family, especially after he retired in 2008.