Is Lassie Come Home a true story?

English-American author Eric Knight created a fictional character of Lassie based on the devotion of the war dog hero. Knight’s short story “Lassie Come-Home” appeared in The Saturday Evening Post in 1938 followed by a full-length novel in 1940.

How many dogs were used in Lassie Come Home?

Though Lassie is supposed to be female, this and all subsequent Lassie movies used male dogs to play her, supposedly because males are easier to train. The number of purebred collies registered in the United States in the late 1940s increased from 3,000 to 18,400, probably because of the Lassie film franchise.

Where was Lassie Come Home 1943 filmed?

The film was shot in Washington state and Monterey, California, while the rapids scene was shot on the San Joaquin River. It also features scenes from the former Janss Conejo Ranch in Wildwood Regional Park in Thousand Oaks, California.

What is the story Lassie Come Home About?

In a small Yorkshire village during the Great Depression, financial pressures cause the parents of young Joe Carraclough (Roddy McDowall) to sell his beloved dog, Lassie, to the Duke of Rudling (Nigel Bruce). After the duke takes the collie to his Scottish estate, his granddaughter (Elizabeth Taylor) recognizes that the dog misses her former owner and allows her to escape. Facing great dangers and small kindnesses on her lengthy journey, the faithful dog sets forth to rejoin her beloved family.Lassie Come Home / Film synopsis

Why was Lassie a male dog?

All the Lassies were actually male dogs because female collies tend to “blow coat” (go through a massive hormone-induced shedding process) with each heat cycle. While males blow coat as well in reaction to a change in season, it is much less noticeable than what occurs with an intact female.

Where is the original Lassie buried?


Birth 4 Jun 1940 North Hollywood, Los Angeles County, California, USA
Death 18 Jun 1958 (aged 18) North Hollywood, Los Angeles County, California, USA
Burial Weatherwax Ranch Grounds North Hollywood, Los Angeles County, California, USA
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How far did Lassie travel in Lassie Come-Home?

Conditioned by her devotion to a 12-year-old boy, a dog keeps leaving her new home and returning to her old one. Her last journey is nothing short of a miracle: an estimated 1,000 miles (400 to 500 for a human) over, under, through and around mean territory from the Scottish Highlands to a Yorkshire village.

Is Lassie Come-Home on Netflix?

Watch Lassie Come Home | Netflix.

What breed dog is Lassie?

the rough collie breed
In the 1950s, the rough collie breed became better known as the all-American family dog thanks to “Lassie.” Over the show’s two-decade run, it became apparent how devoted and faithful the breed was as Lassie saved Timmy from the well and warned her family of danger each week.

How does Lassie end?

Eventually, Lassie ends up without any human companions for awhile and wanders the countryside, finding new people and animals to help. She eventually finds a new home at the Holden Ranch in Solvang, California.