Is Kuja a villain?

Kuja is one of several Final Fantasy villains who, despite being the main villain of a game, is not fought as the final boss, instead being fought as the penultimate or antepenultimate boss (in his case, the former). Other villains with this distinction include Xande, Seymour Guado, and Barthandelus.

Is Kuja a male or female?

Make no mistake, Kuja is a man. There are certainly a large number of pretty boy Final Fantasy villains. Though some onlookers might jokingly ask whether or not Emperor Palamecia, Kefka, or Yazoo are women. Kuja easily places at the top of all the divas, male or female.

Is Kuja related to Zidane?

Kuja could also be considered to be Zidane’s brother. An alternative Japanese spelling of kuja is 九蛇, which translates to “nine snakes”, referencing both the title from which he hails as well as his untrustworthy and scheming characteristics.

Did Kuja survive?

Did Kuja die or not? Despite the ongoing conflicts with Kuja, he doesn’t even end up as the final boss in the game: Necron has that honor. Near the conclusion of Final Fantasy 9, Zidane actually saves Kuja at the Lifa Tree — he even tries to rescue his regretful enemy as the tree’s trunk and roots start to collapse.

Did KUJA destroy the crystal?

Zidane and his friends defeated Garland in battle long enough for Kuja to arrive and finish the job with his new-found powers of Trance. Garland remained as an omnipresent voice and informed Kuja of the limit placed on his life, causing Kuja to go mad and seek omnicide by destroying the origin of life: the crystal.

Who is the main villain of ff9?

Kuja. Kuja (クジャ) is the primary antagonist of Final Fantasy IX.

Does Final Fantasy 9 have multiple endings?

There are two endings, considered a “bad ending” and a “good ending.” Playing through and beating the game normally actually unlocks the bad ending, which is an essential condition for continuing to unlock the game’s good ending.

What happens at the end of FFIX?

The failed fusion of Terra and Gaia resulted in the surface of Gaia being destroyed and Terra being absorbed inside of Gaia. Gaia kept its blue moon and also gained Terra’s red moon in orbit around it. Garland knew he could save his planet from destruction, but also knew it would take thousands of years to do so.

How do you beat Kuja?

Strategy. Coral Ring absorbs Thundaga. It is not advised to use Auto-Reflect, as this makes Kuja use Flare Star. Physical attacks with the Man Eater are enough to defeat him.