Is Karcher a Chinese company?

Kärcher has remained a family-owned company to this day, headquartered in Winnenden, Germany.

Who is Karcher owned by?

When he died on 17 September 1959 at the age of 58, his wife Irene took over the management of the company and steered its fortunes for three decades. Today their children Johannes Kärcher and Susanne Zimmermann von Siefart are in charge of the family-owned company in its second generation.

Is Karcher a good brand?

Karcher is the leading brand in pressure washers, and they have a range of models to suit home or industrial use. Regardless of your experience with a pressure washer, you’ll find that Karcher machines are easy to operate and very effective at cleaning a wide variety of surfaces.

Where are Kärcher manufactured?

Kärcher has 100 companies and 9,676 employees based in 60 countries. Its cleaning equipment is produced in Germany, Italy, Romania, the US, Brazil, Mexico and China. For a worldwide seamless service there are 50,000 service locations globally.

What brands does Kärcher own?

Kärcher owns the American brands of Landa, Hotsy, and Shark pressure washers, Cuda parts washers, Watermaze water treatment systems, and Windsor Kärcher Group floor cleaning systems, and Italian manufacturing company Hawk Pumps, or Woma Pumps in Germany.

What is the meaning of Karcher?

The name Karcher comes from the Middle High German word “karc,” meaning “cunning,” or “sly.” As such, the surname was most likely originally a nickname which later became a surname.

How long has Karcher been around?

History. The inventor Alfred Kärcher (1901–59) from Baden-Württemberg founded the company in 1935 in Stuttgart-Bad Cannstatt. Initially Kärcher specialised in the design of industrial submersible heating elements, i.e. in salt smelters which were heated with immersion heaters.

Are Karcher pressure washers worth it?

It cleans quickly and with power and the patio cleaner is far and away the best in our test, scrubbing clean neglected paving in one pass without spraying grime and filthy water everywhere. It’s noisier than other patio cleaners as unlike those it doesn’t have bristles, but it’s worth it for the cleaning power.