Is Kai Shun the same as Shun?

Shun Cutlery is a kitchen knife brand of the KAI Group, headquartered in Tokyo, Japan. In the United States, Shun is sold by Kai USA in Tualatin, Oregon—alongside the Kershaw Knives and Zero Tolerance Knives brands.

How long is a knife in CM?

The corresponding dimensions

Size for folding knives Average total length Average blade length
Table knife 23,30 cm 12 cm
Table fork 21,50 cm 12 cm
Table soup spoon 22,30 cm 12 cm
Dessert-cheese knife 19,50 cm 11 cm

What is the difference between Shun Premier and Classic?

The most notable differences between Shun Classic and Premier knives are the blade finish, handle design, and price: Classic blades feature a subtle Damascus finish, while Premier blades have a swirly Damascus pattern near the edge and a stunning hammered finish on the top half.

How do you measure knife size?

Knives are measured according to the blade’s length, from the tip to the heel, not including the length of the handle. So an 8-inch knife would have an 8-inch blade, a 6-inch knife has a 6-inch blade, and so on.

How is a knife blade measured?

Place the end of the measuring tape or ruler against where the blade meets the knife handle at the lowest intersection. Measure blade to its highest point at tip. This is your blade measurement.

Do Shun knives break easily?

In general, Shun hardens VG10 and VG-Max steel to 60-61 Rockwell and SG2 to 61-62. An increase of 1 degree Rockwell equates to an increase in hardness of about 10% as well as an increase in edge-holding ability. These degrees of hardness enable Shun knives to be thin, hard, and precise without being overly brittle.

Are Shun knives forged or stamped?

Are Shun knives forged? Some ranges of Shun knives are made using forging techniques while others are produced from a single piece of steel which is then ground and sharpened — a blade type known as ‘stamped’. Shun’s Blue Steel line is made using the forging technique. Shen’s Classic Pro range is stamped.