Is JdbcTemplate batchUpdate transactional?

JdbcTemplate Batch Inserts Example Insert batch example using JdbcTemplate batchUpdate() operation. Batch Insert/Update operations must be Transactional. For batch operations you can use batch update callback BatchPreparedStatementSetter to set parameter values.

Is NamedParameterJdbcTemplate thread safe?

Instances of the JdbcTemplate class are thread-safe, once configured. This is important because it means that you can configure a single instance of a JdbcTemplate and then safely inject this shared reference into multiple DAOs (or repositories).

What does JdbcTemplate batchUpdate return?

All batch update methods return an int array containing the number of affected rows for each batch entry. This count is reported by the JDBC driver and it’s not always available in which case the JDBC driver simply returns a -2 value.

What is the difference between JdbcTemplate and SimpleJdbcTemplate?

In previous versions of Spring SimpleJdbcTemplate leveraged new features of Java 5, whereas JdbcTemplate maintained compatibility with pre-Java 5 environments. But now all features of SimpleJdbcTemplate have been added to JdbcTemplate .

Can we use JdbcTemplate with transactional?

It loops through the list of people and, for each person, inserts that person into the BOOKINGS table by using the JdbcTemplate . This method is tagged with @Transactional , meaning that any failure causes the entire operation to roll back to its previous state and to re-throw the original exception.

What is the advantage of NamedParameterJdbcTemplate?

NamedParameterJdbcTemplate – wraps a JdbcTemplate to provide more convenient usage with named parameters instead of the traditional JDBC “?” place holders. This provides better documentation and ease of use when you have multiple parameters for an SQL statement. Works with JDK 1.4 and up.

What is NamedParameterJdbcTemplate?

NamedParameterJdbcTemplate class is a template class with a basic set of JDBC operations, allowing the use of named parameters rather than traditional ‘?’ placeholders. This class delegates to a wrapped JdbcTemplate once the substitution from named parameters to JDBC style ‘?’ placeholders is done at execution time.

What is BatchPreparedStatementSetter?

public interface BatchPreparedStatementSetter. Batch update callback interface used by the JdbcTemplate class. This interface sets values on a PreparedStatement provided by the JdbcTemplate class, for each of a number of updates in a batch using the same SQL.

Why do we use batch updates?

Batch update allows sending a bulk of statements to the database server to execute all at once, which greatly improves the performance. The program will run much faster if batch update is used.