Is it recoup or recoup?

Despite sounding similar, recoup is not a shortened version of recuperate and has different origins. Recoup is from French and refers to making up a loss (often money) or being reimbursed. Recuperate usually refers to healing or recovering.

What is the meaning of recoupe?

1a : to get an equivalent for (losses) : make up for. b : reimburse, compensate recoup a person for losses. 2 : regain an attempt to recoup his fortune. intransitive verb. : to make good or make up for something lost also : recuperate.

What is the synonym of recoup?

[chiefly British], rally, recover, recuperate, snap back.

What is recoup in business?

Recoupment is the act of recovering past investments or losses by selling an asset or a part thereof so that the proceeds from the sale are sufficient to cover the investment or loss.

What does recoupable mean?

1. to get back the equivalent of: to recoup one’s losses. 2. to regain; recover. 3. to reimburse; pay back; recompense. 4. to get back an equivalent, as of something lost.

How do you use recoup in a sentence?

  1. It will be hard for us to recoup the loss.
  2. Movie studios can turn to video sales to recoup the costs of a movie that does poorly at the box office.
  3. She recouped only a portion of her investment.

What does it mean to reclaim a term?

A reclaimed or reappropriated word is a word that was at one time pejorative but has been brought back into acceptable usage, usually starting within its original target, i.e. the communities that were pejoratively described by that word, and later spreading to the general populace as well.

What is the opposite of recoup?

Opposite of to recover something that has been misplaced, stolen, or hidden away. hide. misplace. lose. steal.

What is recoup in finance?

recoup in Finance topic From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishre‧coup /rɪˈkuːp/ verb [transitive] to get back an amount of money you have lost or spent SYN recover The movie will have to be a huge hit to recoup its cost. He was desperate to try and recoup his losses.

What does non recoupable mean?

A non-recoupable advance is a gift or bonus. While some people still mistakenly confuse an advance as free money, a non-recoupable advance is free money.

What is a recoupable cost?

Recoupable Costs means the aggregate of (A) all monies paid to a Qualifying Artist as required under the applicable Recording Agreement (for example, a signing advance), but excluding royalties, video costs, tour support, extra-contractual advances and marketing and promotion costs, (B) all recording funds paid under a …

How do you use reclaim in a sentence?

Reclaim sentence example. Maybe there was another reason he decided to reclaim his money. He was asking for a second chance, but could they ever reclaim the relationship they had once enjoyed? Pacing, she tried to reclaim her composure.