Is iPhone more powerful than Cray?

The iPhone beats the Cray hands-down in power consumption: 200 kW, 480 V 3-phase power coming in resulting in over 2000 amps internal power.

How fast is Cray-2?

The Cray-2 is a supercomputer with four vector processors made by Cray Research starting in 1985. At 1.9 GFLOPS peak performance, it was the fastest machine in the world when it was released, replacing the Cray X-MP in that spot.

How much memory did the Cray-2 have?

The CRAY-2 Common Memory consists of 128 memory banks with two million words per bank. Each memory bank occupies a circuit module. CRAY-2 logic networks are constructed of 16-gate array integrated circuits packaged in three-dimensional structures.

How fast was the Cray computer?

TECH STORY: The Cray-2 was a four processor vector architecture with a 256 million 64-bit memory (the largest central memory available on any computer) and 4.1 nanosecond clock speed. It reached a peak speed of 1.9 gigaflops.

Why are phones more powerful than tablets?

Unlike PCs, tablets come with mobile operating systems that are designed to deliver mobile productivity. However, smartphones offer mobile operating systems too. And in some cases — especially in the BlackBerry and Android ecosystems — those operating systems work better on smartphones.

Are Cray computers still in use?

Seymour Cray later formed Cray Computer Corporation (CCC) in 1989, which went bankrupt in 1995. Cray Research was acquired by Silicon Graphics (SGI) in 1996….Cray.

Type Subsidiary of Hewlett Packard Enterprise
Founded 1972 as Cray Research, Inc. (Current corporate entity founded in 1987 as Tera Computer Company.)

What was the most powerful computer in 2000?

The ASCI Red, a collaboration between Intel and Sandia Labs, was the world’s fastest computer between 1997-2000.

What is the coolest computer in the world?

10 of The Coolest and Most Powerful Supercomputers of All Time

  • The Connection Machine 5.
  • Fujitsu Numerical Wind Tunnel.
  • ASCI Red.
  • ASCI White.
  • The Earth Simulator.
  • Blue Gene/L.
  • Jaguar.
  • IBM Roadrunner. The IBM Roadrunner was designed to reach 1.7 petaflops and in 2008, became the world’s fastest computer.

Is Cray The fastest computer?

FUN FACT: The Cray-1 was the world’s fastest supercomputer from 1976 to 1982. It measured 8½ feet wide by 6½ feet high and contained 60 miles of wires.

Can I buy a Cray supercomputer?

Cray, the company often credited with building the world’s first supercomputer, is shrinking its largest machine down into a more affordable package. This isn’t the kind of computer a young hacker would buy to toy around with in a garage: It’ll set you back $500,000.