Is insurance higher on Camaros?

Compared to other popular American-made muscle cars — the Ford Mustang and the Dodge Charger — the Chevy Camaro is more expensive to insure. The cost to insure a 2021 Camaro, $2,612 per year, was 14% more expensive than the 2021 Dodge Charger’s rate and 13% more expensive than the 2021 Ford Mustang.

Why doesn’t the Camaro sell well?

Mustang sales were similar to where they are now, meaning the Camaro’s continuing slump is a result of increased Challenger sales and a straightforward decline in units moved for GM’s tried and true muscle car. Part of this is likely to do with ongoing chip shortages that made a bad situation worse for smaller cars.

What year of Camaro is the most reliable?

What Year Is The Most Reliable Chevy Camaro? According to J.D. Power, the most reliable Chevy Camaros are the 2010, 2012, 2020, and 2021 models.

Is a Camaro considered a sports car for insurance?

Most of the time, Camaros are sports cars, which will mean a slightly higher premium. As for other Mustangs, is a Mustang considered a sports car for insurance? Mustangs are likely to always be considered sports cars by your insurer, which means you’ll be paying extra, regardless of trim.

How much is insurance on a v6 Camaro?

It costs an average of $1,462 annually to insure a Chevrolet Camaro. The average car model only costs an average of $1,427 per year. Insurance for a Chevrolet Camaro may vary by as much as $649 based on the insurance company you select.

Why is no one buying Camaros?

As discussed in a previously in a GM Authority analysis, the Chevy Camaro’s decline in sales performance can be attributed to a variety of contributing factors, such as higher prices for the sixth-generation model, which may have driven price-conscious buyers to more affordable models from Dodge and Ford.

Why are Camaro sales so low?

The lackluster sales performance of Chevy’s muscle car is the direct result of four factors: Lower market demand for the Camaro when compared to its direct rivals. This has been the case since the launch of the sixth-gen Camaro for the 2016 model year.

What’s high mileage for a Camaro?

With proper maintenance and regular use, a Chevrolet Camaro can last 150,000 miles with no major issues. If you drive 15,000 miles per year, that means a well-maintained Chevy Camaro can provide 10 years of headache-free performance.

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