Is Inception supposed to be confusing?

But a lot of people are touting Inception as an extremely complicated film to understand. It’s not at all. A seventh-grade education should suffice. And that’s the beauty of Christopher Nolan’s direction: It is a very complicated story, but it’s presented in a way that’s very easy to follow.

Is Cobb’s totem his wedding ring?

His Totem is a spinning top which formerly belonged to his wife, Mallorie Cobb. This is separate from his wedding ring which is a dream based object and thus cannot be a totem.

Why did the totem keep spinning?

To keep themselves calibrated between the real world and the dreams, each would carry a totem. Cobb’s totem was a spinning top which, when spun, would eventually come to rest in the real world but keep spinning endlessly in the dream world.

Is Inception Ending reality or a dream?

Nolan has continually maintained that the ending is”subjective” and that the only thing that matters is that Cobb doesn’t care if he’s dreaming or not. Going by Caine’s words, however, his appearance in the scene confirms the events were all real.

Why did Saito age in Inception?

In the movie, we see that the scene right after the van sinks is with Cobb waking up on the beach. Saito is old because those minutes between both deaths felt like decades in limbo.

What is Mal short for in Inception?

Mallorie “Mal” Cobb (née Miles) was Dominick Cobb’s wife, and his mental projection of her is the main antagonist of Inception. She is the daughter of Stephen Miles.

What is the most confusing movie ever?

The Most Confusing Films Of All Time

  • Memento. So yes, Christopher Nolan’s 2000 film is about amnesia.
  • The Matrix Revolutions. The first of this trilogy still remains one of the most mind-bending and brilliant films of its century.
  • Donnie Darko.
  • Mulholland Drive.
  • The Tree of Life.
  • A Single Man.
  • Vanilla Sky.
  • Adaptation.

Why do people think Inception is deep?

Inception’s plot was certainly straight forward. But just about every movie that exists is packed with layers of meaning and open to wide spectrum of interpretation. Inception may seem deeper than the average movie only because talk about dreams is a fairly reliable way to trigger philosophical thought in people.