Is hydronephrosis in fetus serious?

Most cases do not cause problems for the fetus. For most babies born with prenatal hydronephrosis, their condition resolves over time and they require no treatment to pass urine normally. But more serious cases of prenatal hydronephrosis can result in urinary tract infections, scarring or permanent kidney damage.

Can fetal hydronephrosis be cured?

About Fetal Hydronephrosis In half of all cases, the condition resolves on its own by the third trimester. If the condition persists, it usually improves after childbirth without treatment.

Can hydronephrosis cause death in babies?

Eight fetuses with bilateral hydronephrosis had evidence of poor function: Three were not treated and died shortly after birth with small lungs and dysplastic kidneys; three others had diagnostic intervention that demonstrated irreversible disease and allowed termination of the pregnancy; two had obstruction …

What causes hydronephrosis in unborn babies?

Fetal hydronephrosis is caused by an obstruction to what should be a free flow of urine out of the kidney. An example of this is kinking of the ureter. It may also be caused by an abnormal backwashing of urine from the bladder back into the kidney. An example of this is vesicoureteral reflux or “reflux.”

What causes kidney dilation in babies?

The kidneys may be missing or in a wrong position. A blockage of the outflow of urine or reverse flow of urine already in the bladder (called reflux) can cause the renal pelvis to become enlarged. This is usually called hydronephrosis.

How do you treat dilated kidneys?

Treatment may include:

  1. Placing a stent (tube) through the bladder and ureter to allow urine to flow from the kidney into the bladder.
  2. Placing a tube into the kidney through the skin, to allow the blocked urine to drain out of the body into a drainage bag.
  3. Antibiotics for infections.

How is fetal hydronephrosis treated in pregnancy?

Treatment of fetal hydronephrosis is usually postponed until after delivery. Only in the most severe cases (in which the loss of kidney function is expected if left untreated to delivery) is intrauterine surgery attempted during the pregnancy.

What causes hydronephrosis in babies?

What causes hydronephrosis in children? Hydronephrosis can be caused by blockage at some part of the urinary tract or by reflux of urine (abnormal backflow of urine from the bladder). It can also be due to the abnormal development or formation of the kidney in the absence of obstruction or reflux.