Is GCU is govt or private?

The Government College University, Lahore (colloquially known as GCU) is a public research university located in Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan. Opened as Government College, Lahore, in 1864, it became a university in 2002.

Who is the owner of FC college Lahore?

Rev. Dr. Charles William Forman
Forman Christian College was founded in Lahore, British India by Presbyterian Christian missionary Rev. Dr. Charles William Forman as Rang Mahal School, a Christian mission school.

Is FC A co Education college?

Forman’s program is all male. The co-educational university is built around the U.S. four-year Liberal Arts model, and includes BA and BS, Master’s and PhD programs. All classes are taught in English.

How old is FCCU?

Our values of commitment to excellence and service to community have remained strong throughout our 152- year history, just as our academic plans have expanded to include 22 majors at the Baccalaureate level and 15 Postgraduate programs that meet international standards.

Is GC better than PGC?

If you will study at your own and arrange tuition for yourself than you can study in GCU but if you want to study with full concentration and want to get good marks then Punjab college is best for you. There are lot of societies and debating clubs in GCU but in Punjab college there is nothing like that.

Who is the principal of National College of Arts?

Prof. Dr. Murtaza Jafri took charge as Principal of National College of Arts in 2013, he initiated the task to improve the quality of education and management of NCA which took almost 8 years of striving hard to meet the objectives.

How can I contact the Student Coordinator of NCA Lahore?

You may contact office of the student’s coordinator by emailing at [email protected] . The National College of Arts, Lahore organised a Christmas function for its Christian employees.

Did you know NCA Lahore organised a Christmas function for employees?

The National College of Arts, Lahore organised a Christmas function for its Christian employees. The function was attended by a large number of senior faculty, staff, and Christian employees of NCA.

Which is the Best Art School in Pakistan?

National College of Arts – A Federal Chartered Institute is the oldest art school in Pakistan and the second oldest in South Asia. As of 2016, the college is ranked as Pakistan’s top art school.