Is Evelynn good league of legends?

Evelynn 12.8 Evelynn Build 12.8 ranks as an A-Tier pick for the Jungle role in Season 12. This champion currently has a Win Rate of 50.94% (Average), Pick Rate of 5.52% (High), and a Ban Rate of 2.66% (High).

How do you jungle with Evelynn?

Evelynn is very simple to gank with— utilize her stealth to get close to the enemy and cast Allure & wait for the heart to fill up. Cast Hate Spike as this will charm the enemy to walk towards you, keep spamming Hate Spike while also using Whiplash to deal tremendous amounts of damage.

Can Evelynn play top lane?

The power of evelynn top is that she originally is one of the weaker pre level 6 junglers, but in the toplane she is one of the best pre-6 champions of the game, removing her only weakness. this makes her a great scaling champion during all phases of the game.

What roles can Evelynn play?

League of Legends’ Evelynn will soon be updated with the release of Patch 7.20, and while most players are likely looking to take the assassin into her primary jungler role, it appears that she’s still playable in-lane as well.

Is Evelynn fun play?

Evelynn is one of the champions that everyone hates to play against. However, when playing her she is super fun running around the map knowing that no one can see you so you can surprise your enemy and get them cheeky kills.

Is Evelyn weak early?

Evelynn’s weak in the early game. Keep this in mind and focus on farming so you can hit your first major power spike. R is very important and she can start ganking once she unlocks it. The first Mythic item for Evelynn is very important.

Is Evelynn a good Jungler?

Evelynn. Evelynn has a strong start in the jungle through her heavy ability damage, but it’s her ganking potential when you gain Camouflage at level six that truly makes her one of the top picks. Therefore, you’ll want to spend most of the early game just clearing camps and farming experience as fast as possible.

What role is Evelynn?


What is the best Evelynn skin?

The highly recommended skin is Shadow Evelynn; it shows her personality and has some excellent features. Many fans of Evelynn will happily embrace the Shadow Evelynn skin. Tango Evelynn is full of charm. It almost resembles her classic look and is still appealing.

How much does Evelynn slow down Accursed?

Evelynn’s next basic attack or ability against the accursed slows them by 65% for 1 / 1.25 / 1.5 / 1.75 / 2 seconds, as well as refunding Allure’s mana cost if she triggers this before 2.5 seconds.

How are summoners ranked?

Then a third score is computed (geometrical average of the two previous scores). Summoners are ranked by champion according to their best “averaged score” (one averaged score per role) for that champion. Players must play a minimum of 10 games to be ranked.

How much AP does it take to heal Evelynn?

Assuming no bonus health, it will take 129 AP (+26 AP per level) from other sources for the passive to heal Evelynn till 70% hp. Remember that you want to go for one shots during mid or late game. This rune makes it easier and will allow you to use it all the time.

When to use characteristic sound on Evelynn?

You will hear characteristic sound after the heart fills. This ability should always be used as its empowered version, as it deals about 50% more damage and allows Evelynn to dash to her target.