Is EPFL good for engineering?

EPFL is one of the most prestigious schools in Europe in the fields of engineering, technology and computer science, according to the Shanghai Academic Ranking of World Universities.

What is EPFL famous for?

EPFL claims to be “Europe’s most cosmopolitan technical university” – and it has some foundation for this. In the QS World University Rankings 2021, it ranks 12th in the world for the international diversity of its students and 15th for the international diversity of its academic staff.

Can I get into EPFL?

Applicants who have successfully completed at least one year in a University stream of study equivalent to those taught at EPFL can apply for admission, following the evaluation of their application, in the second year of a Bachelor’s program in a field close to the previously begun stream, provided that they also …

Is EPFL good school?

The QS World University Rankings ranked EPFL as the 14th best university in the world across all fields in 2021, whereas THE World University Rankings ranked EPFL as the world’s 19th best school for engineering and technology in 2020.

Is EPFL hard to get into?

The acceptance rate for 2020 was about 8%. This may well have to do with an increase in applications rather than an indication of the difficulty of getting admitted to the school. Reportedly, getting into EPFL isn’t so difficult; qualifying to stay in is another thing.

Is it hard to get into ETH Zurich Masters?

Due to its elite ranking, the competition is very high for ETH Zurich admissions, which makes the ETH Zurich acceptance rate low. The acceptance rate was noted as 27% by the university in 2020. The eligibility criteria for Masters is a score of 100 in TOEFL, 7 in IELTS for most courses generally.

What language is spoken in Lausanne?

Capital of the canton Vaud, Lausanne is located in the French-speaking part of Switzerland, with French, German and Italian, respectively, the most widely spoken languages. Roughly 40% of the population comprises foreign nationals, lending a particularly international flavor to the city.

Is it difficult to get into EPFL?

What GPA is required for EPFL?

Specific requirements for EPFL students To be admitted in the MTE master, EPFL students will need to have a minimum average grade of 4.5 (average grade over the entire Bachelor’s).

Is it hard to get in EPFL?

Is GRE required for EPFL?

As a general rule, the EPFL Doctoral School does not require GRE, TOEFL or IELTS results.

What GPA do you need for ETH Zurich?

GPA: ETH Zurich does not impose a minimum GPA, but excellent grades in the Bachelor’s degree are expected.