Is Duessel good sacred stones?

Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones He is exceptionally useful in some of the most difficult maps, such as Phantom Ship, where his high survivability against all manner of attacks types make him one of the best characters available.

How do you get Cormag in sacred stones?

Cormag can be recruited by Eirika in Chapter 13 of Eirika’s path or by Duessel or Tana in Chapter 10 of Ephraim’s path.

Is Duessel good Fire Emblem?

Overall, Duessel is an excellent combat unit in Ephraim’s route and a good filler combat unit in Eirika’s route.

Who talks to Duessel?

As the battle progresses, two key things have to occur: Ephraim must reach and speak to Duessel. Tana must reach and speak to Cormag.

How do I recruit Valter?

In Creature Campaign, Valter is unlocked by beating the seventh floor of the Lagdou Ruins.

Who can talk to Cormag?

By the time he starts moving, have Tana speak to Cormag to recruit him. Cormag is strong enough to deal with the cavalry reinforcements that appear near your starting position on turn 6.

How do you recruit Colm?

Colm is a playable character in the game Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones. He first appears after Chapter 2 and can be recruited in Chapter 3 by having Neimi talk to him inside the bandit’s hideout. They can automatically have a support conversation.

Who should talk to Amelia Fire Emblem?

If Eirika or Franz talks to her, Amelia realizes that Eirika is a caring individual, and defects to her side. She then accompanies Eirika for the rest of the journey. If no one talks to her and she survives, Amelia will leave the battlefield after a set number of turns.

How do you recruit Caellach?

Caellach can be “recruited” during Creature Campaign by completing floor 3 on the Tower of Valni. Much like in Chapter 15, he comes with another Hoplon Guard, which you can give to another unit. Caellach’s stats and growths are decent, but he is only as strong as his Normal Mode version.

How do I recruit Marisa?

Have your Pegasus Knight pick up Gerik. In the next turn, Gerik needs to be dropped off one unit outside of Marisa’s range and within her party’s range, in order to attract them. Once it’s Gerik’s turn again, Marisa should be within range, and have Gerik talk with her. Done!