Is Current Opinion in Chemical Biology peer reviewed?

Current Research in Chemical Biology (CRCHBI) is a new primary research, gold open access journal from Elsevier. CRCHBI publishes original papers and short communications that cover all aspects of chemical biology and related areas. Current Research in Chemical Biology is a peer-reviewed gold …

Is Current Biology a reputable journal?

According to Journal Citation Reports, the journal has a 2020 impact factor of 10.834. It was categorized as a “high impact journal” by the Superfund Research Program. Curr. Biol.

What is a current opinion article?

Current Opinion is a series of established review journals that offer authoritative, systematic synthesis of emerging and hot topics.

What is chemical method in biology?

The chemical method refers to metal extraction by acidic or alkaline reagents (Lee and Mishra, 2018). An assortment of chemical reagents can obtain an ideal leaching that results in the extraction of heavy metals from E-waste. However, in the process, secondary pollution is generated.

What is the impact factor of Current Biology?

10.83Current Biology / Impact Factor (2020)

Is Current Biology a peer-reviewed journal?

Current Biology publishes original, peer-reviewed research in two main paper formats: articles and reports (but original research findings that can be presented very concisely may also be considered as correspondence).

How do you write a current opinion article?

It should include background information and specific examples of recent advances, rather than promises that a particular subject ‘will be discussed’ – the scope of the review should instead appear at the end of the introduction. References should not be included. Abbreviations should be avoided as far as possible.

What is the impact factor of structure?

An influence structure is defined as a set of actors (or “units” as we shall. call them) with an influence relation, R, defined on it. We shall not assume. (as some have done) that the relation is reflexive or antisymmetric or transitive.

Why is chemical biology Important?

Examples of areas where chemical biology might be important in the future include stem-cell research, where it can help us adjust or control stem cells, and the development of drugs, where it can help us figure out what drugs are really doing on a tiny scale and help predict what kinds of drugs might work for a given …