Is Corona engine free?

Corona is a free, cross-platform framework ideal for creating games and apps for mobile devices and desktop systems.

Is Corona SDK free?

First, Corona SDK is now completely free! Starting today, anyone who registers on our site will get the full power of Corona SDK (existing users can just logout and then re-login to the Corona Simulator).

What happened Corona SDK?

Its main offering was the Corona SDK, a cross-platform mobile development framework that builds native apps for iOS, Android, Kindle, Windows Phone, tvOS, Android TV and Mac and Windows desktop from a single code base. The company closed on May 1st 2020.

Can you make mobile games with Lua?

Yes, LUA is fast as far as scripting languages go – your still looking at a slowdown compared to native languages of about 30 to 50 times, so it really depends how much is happening in LUA. Show activity on this post. You can actually write your entire game in Lua and avoid Java/ObjectiveC/C/C++ altogether.

What language does solar2d use?


Developer(s) Vlad Shcherban, Corona Labs Inc.
Written in Lua (Corona API)
Operating system macOS (creation and deployment) Windows (creation and deployment) Linux (creation and deployment) iPhone/iPad (deployment) tvOS (deployment) Android (deployment) Kindle Fire (deployment) Android TV (deployment)

What is the easiest game engine to learn?

The 5 Best Game Engines for Beginners in Video Game Development

  1. Unity. According to Unity Technologies, 71% of all mobile games use its engine, creating a total of five billion downloads per month of apps built with Unity.
  2. Unreal Engine.
  3. Godot.
  4. Defold.
  5. Solar2D.

Does Solar2D require coding?

Solar2D uses Lua scripting language. If you’ve ever programmed in any language, you will find Lua an easy transition. Introduction to Lua guide provides an overview of Lua, or you can learn Lua on YouTube. In a very short time, you will find yourself writing that great app that you’ve dreamed of creating!