Is CBSE provide free study material for?

myCBSEguide App Get Access to CBSE Textbook Solutions, Online Tests, Guess Papers etc for free at A complete guide for CBSE students from pre-school to class-12, provides solutions for all your study related needs. myCBSEguide offers free study material for all major subjects from class-3 to class-12.

How can I get CBSE study material?

CBSE board follows the NCERT books for all classes from 1 to 12 in the course curriculum. To get NCERT books in pdf format, visit the link provided in the table below….

NCERT Class 12 Books NCERT Class 11 Books
NCERT Class 4 Books NCERT Class 3 Books
NCERT Class 2 Books NCERT Class 1 Books

How can I get free study materials?

This post contains links to all UPSC study materials (notes) provided by ClearIAS. All online notes are completely free….UPSC Books and Study Materials for Free Download

  1. NCERT Books Download.
  2. Yojana Magazine Download.
  3. Kurukshetra Magazine.
  4. Pratiyogita Darpan Magazine.
  5. IGNOU Books.
  6. ClearIAS downloads.

Where can I download NCERT notes?

Ncertbooks. guru is the hub for the latest books pertaining to school education. Books such as NCERT books, ICSE books, Solutions for all the books, standard books, notes, previous year question papers, NCERT exemplars are absolutely free to download.

Is Vedantu provide study material?

Yes, We at Vedantu provide the students with just that kind of high-quality NEET study material that is required by the students to excel in the exams. The study material of Vedantu also comes along with various practice questions that are arranged as per the different topics, chapters, and subjects.


BYJU’S provides all ICSE students from Class 6 to Class 12 with the exam details, details about each class, latest syllabus, marking scheme, exam timetable, sample papers, question papers, previous year question papers, and other related details.

Do we get study material in Unacademy?

Experience the best-in-class preparation for IIT JEE with Unacademy Iconic subscription where you get a mentor to guide you towards your preparation and now you also get the newly launched Unacademy study material The study material is created by industry veterans to provide just the right guidance for your JEE dreams.

Which is best for online study?

Overall, Coursera is our top choice for an online learning platform because of its variety of courses and official accreditation.

How can I download Self Study PDF?

To Download Short Study PDF

  1. Choose ‘AAMS’ found in the navigation bar on the left side of the screen.
  2. Click the ‘Self Study’ tab.
  3. On the top right corner, click ‘Print Short Version PDF’

Which app is best for NCERT notes?

myNCERTguide is the best educational app for STUDENTS, even followed by the toppers. It provides latest NCERT Books, CBSE Solutions, NCERT Notes, NCERT Solved papers, CBSE question papers, Quick revision Notes, NCERT Exemplar solutions CBSE guess papers and Chapter-wise important questions.

Is Vedantu better than Allen?

Since vedantu is new in the market but it is also giving great results, it’s definitely competing allen with it’s selection. But I personally suggest you to choose Allen since it has little bit assurance more than that of vedantu.

What are the benefits of studying with CBSE?

To develop holistic individuals through co-scholastic school based evaluation

  • To instill values through an integrated curricular approach
  • Innovations in teaching-learning methodologies by devising students friendly and students centered paradigms
  • Reforms in examinations and evaluation practices
  • What are some tips for CBSE practical exams?

    – Read all the experiments carefully and thoroughly from the journals. This will help a lot for preparation. – In many schools, materials are already laid on the table for your experiment, so you don’t need to recall those. – Follow the sequence given by your teachers to write the paper. – There are many schools where you own subject teachers monitor your ex

    Is ISC better than CBSE?

    Since ISC syllabus is more rigorous and tough hence it prepares one better than the syllabus of CBSE. But at the same time it may hamper the focussed approach required for competitive exams. You are required to study extra books for these tough exams.

    Can teachers beat students in CBSE?

    There is no absolute authority for teacher to beat or punish the child. Even if the statutory bodies like Universities, Intermediate Board, Secondary Education Board, cannot infringe any fundamental right of the student to live with dignity.