Is anti-aliasing good for Dota 2?

Anti-Aliasing makes the edges smoother. In DOTA 2, the anti-aliasing used looks like FXAA making the smoothed edges blurry. It takes away some fps while making the visuals not necessarily better. We recommend turning this off.

Why is my DOTA blue?

If you encounter a Blue Screen error with Dota 2 or your computer is restarting when launching or playing Dota 2, make sure that your BIOS and Chipset Drivers are fully up to date (see your motherboard manufacturer’s instruction manual or website for specific instructions and updates).

What is additive light pass?

Additive Light Pass: Additive Light Pass is the process of performing multiple passes while rendering lighting within a scene.

Should I turn on anti-aliasing?

Should I Turn Anti-Aliasing On or Off? If your visuals look great and you have a high-resolution display, you don’t need to turn on anti-aliasing options. Anti-aliasing is for people who experience those unsightly “jaggies” and want to smooth out the edges of their graphics.

What is ground Parallax Dota 2?

Ground Parallax. Makes the flat ground texture appear 3 dimensional, making them shift based on camera movement. Only available when “Normal Maps” is enabled. Ambient Creatures. Enables/disables random critters creeping around the world.

What is Vsync dota2?

V-Sync adds input lag because it delays frames from being shown on screen, making the time between when you do something and when it appears on screen longer. The amount of input lag is highly dependant on the game engine and how it’s rendering pipline works.

How do I clean up Dota 2 files?

If you want to free up space, try deleting unwanted replays [C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\dota 2 beta\dota\replays], or even cleaning up other files from your computer. CCleaner is pretty good at doing this automatically, but you can do it by hand if you want to.

Why does Dota 2 freeze?

Dota 2 constantly crashes your computer during the gameplay? You’re not alone! Many players are reporting it. This issue might occur for several reasons, such as incompatible drivers, software conflicts, corrupt game files, improper game installation/update and PC overheating.

Does texture quality affect Dota 2 fps?

Best FPS settings for DOTA 2 Texture Quality: high. Effects Quality: low. Shadow Quality: off. Maximum frames per second allowed: Your monitor refresh rate and if you do not know that, choose 120 Hz for the safe side.

What does specular do in Dota?


Setting Explanation
Ambient Cloth Simulation Allows some loose parts and cloths of models to freely wiggle around, instead of being static.
Grass Adds 3 dimensional grass straws and bushes all around the map on the ground.
Anti-Aliasing Enables/disables smoothing of edges
Specular Enables/disables light reflections

What is best anti-aliasing setting?

The best anti-aliasing method can be difficult to choose and it generally depends on your machine. If you have a top-notch, high-end computer then SSAA is the best solution. If your PC is mid-range at best, then you will probably have the most FPS with FXAA.