Is Andy South Ari South?

Honolulu fashion designer Andy South first gained national recognition in Season 8 of Lifetime Television’s reality competition show, Project Runway. In 2012, Andy announced that he was now a she, a transgendered female. Her mother renamed her Ariyaphon Southiphong, or Ari for short.

What happened to Andy South Project Runway?

Ari South, whose fashion line uses her former name, Andy South, was a top three finalist on season eight of Project Runway. Since her success on the show, she has been designing for Neiman Marcus in Hawaii and has opened her own store in Honolulu.

Where is Andy from Project Runway Season 8?

The Hawaii-born designer has adopted the name Nong Ariyaphon Southiphong, and identifies as female on her Facebook profile.

What happened to Kini from Project Runway?

Kini Zamora (Season 13) Zamora finished season 13 as the second runner-up, and he’s currently running his store Kini Zamora in his home state of Hawaii.

What is Ivy Higa doing now?

Ivy Higa – Senior Designer – G-III Apparel Group | LinkedIn.

Is Kini Zamora Filipino?

“My family was the biggest push for me,” says Zamora, whose ethnic background is Hawaiian and Filipino.

Where is Emilio Sosa from Project Runway?

Emilio Sosa was born in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic and grew up in South Bronx, New York City. His interest in fashion and design started at the age of 14. While attending school in Harlem, he spent his afternoons taking art and design classes at Manhattan’s Upper East Side.

Where is April from Project Runway?

After the show, April Johnston participated in Project Runway: All Stars, season one. Johnston resides in Savannah, GA, and started her own line of couture-inspired pieces called Mangled Courtesan.

What is Gretchen doing from Project Runway?

Gretchen Jones, Season 8 She became fashion director of womenswear at Portland-based Pendleton Woolen Mills in 2013 and received an MBA in fashion from the University of London College of Fashion five years later.

Why shop Ari South online?

Whether you’re an old friend or a new shopper, welcome to the Ari South online shop! We’re excited to offer you a variety of treasures from face masks, to beach wear, to aloha attire.

What is Ari South’s brand name after’Project Runway’?

When she first appeared on “Project Runway” in season eight, Ari South went by a different name and embodied a different identity — one that still carries the name of her brand: Andy South.

What is Ari’s fashion aesthetic?

Ari’s clothes and aesthetic is mostly Asian inspired and also “warrior-woman”. Ari is the youngest of 5 kids and was raised by a single mother who was an immigrant from Laos. Ari’s family currently resides in Waianae, HI.