Is Alabama good for hiking?

Alabama has hundreds of miles of hiking trails that take hikers through bluffs, across creeks, and to the base of beautiful waterfalls. No matter where you are in the state, you will find a hiking trail nearby, but a few of them stand out because of their unique natural wonders.

How many hiking trails are in Alabama?

Best Trails in Alabama AllTrails has 809 hiking trails, mountain biking routes, backpacking trips and more.

What is a great place to find beautiful waterfalls in Alabama?

Located just outside the Sipsey Wilderness in Double Springs, Caney Creek Falls and Upper Caney Creek Falls are among the most beautiful waterfalls in Alabama.

Does Alabama have mountains?

Cheaha Mountain in Clay County is the highest point in Alabama, with the tip reaching 2,407 feet above sea level. Surrounded by the Talladega National Forest, the mountain is part of the 2,799-acre Cheaha Resort State Park.

Are there waterfalls in Alabama?

High Falls. The impressive High Falls is one of the most unique Alabama waterfalls due to the natural bridge at its base, carved by hundreds of years of flowing water.

  • Cheaha Falls.
  • Kinlock Falls.
  • Peavine Falls.
  • Mardis Mill Falls.
  • Rainbow Falls.
  • What is the biggest waterfall in Alabama?

    Graces High Falls
    Located in the Little River Canyon National Preserve, Graces High Falls is technically Alabama’s tallest waterfall. The 133ft waterfalls are usually not visible in the summertime due to low rainfall.

    Where is the tallest waterfall in Alabama?

    Little River Canyon
    Also located in Little River Canyon is Grace’s High Falls. This is officially the tallest waterfall in Alabama, coming in at 133 ft. While this waterfall is very seasonal due to rain, it is a great add on to your next Little River Canyon waterfall tour.

    What parts of Alabama have mountains?

    Here are 8 incredible mountains in Alabama that are definitely worth checking out:

    • Cheaha Mountain – Delta. wikimedia commons.
    • Lookout Mountain – DeKalb County.
    • Monte Sano Mountain – Huntsville.
    • McDill Point – Oxford.
    • Red Mountain – Birmingham.
    • Talladega Mountains.
    • Bald Rock Mountain – St.
    • Shades Mountain – Hoover.

    What’s the number one attraction in Alabama?

    U.S. Space & Rocket Center is Alabama’s Number One Tourism Attraction

    • U.S. Space & Rocket Center is Alabama’s Number One Tourism Attraction.
    • Top Ten – Admission Charged Attractions 2015.
    • #1 U.S. Space & Rocket Center.
    • #2 Robert Trent Jones Golf Trail.
    • #3 Birmingham Zoo.
    • #4 USS Alabama Battleship Memorial Park.