Is a 6×24 scope good?

The Vortex Strike Eagle 1-6×24 is a great entry-level scope. It’s made from aluminum with an anodized black finish. It’s lightweight and durable, built to throw into a gear bag or dropped on the ground. This scope isn’t fussy and is reliable shot after shot, even after it’s knocked around a bit.

What magnification is distance?

As a general rule, 1x magnification per 100 yards of distance has been the prescription for some time. By that standard, one could adequately take an 800 yard shot with an 8x rifle scope. On the contrary, if you’ve looked through a scope at 8x, you’ll soon realize that more magnification is nice to have.

How far can you see with a 24X scope?

An Analysis of Distance, Type, and Magnification of Rifle Scopes

Distance Magnification
300 Yds 4 – 12X
400 Yds 4 – 12X
500 Yds 6 – 18X
1000 Yds 12 – 24X

What does 6×24 scope mean?

The first number on the rifle scope signifies its magnification power. For example, a 4 X 32 sight means the scope magnifies the image four times. A 6 X 32 sight would denote a scope with a six-power magnification. Some scopes have variable magnification, which you select by turning a power ring on the scope.

How far can you shoot with 6X magnification?

Truth be told, a magnification that matches the range in hundreds of feet is a good benchmark. That should be plenty of magnification to make a precisely aimed shot. For example, a scope set at 6X will make a deer standing at 200 yards (600 feet) look like it’s just a bit more than 30 yards away (100 feet to be exact).

How far is a 16x scope Good For?

In general, most avid hunters prefer a scope with a magnification of approximately 3-15x or 4-16x. This allows for viewing the entire animal at as close as 35 yards, and also the ability to make long-range shots.