Is 932 the same as 660 bronze?

Copper Alloy C93200 / SAE 660 Bearing Bronze is a high leaded tin bronze and is considered the workhorse of the bearing bronze alloys.

What is CDA 932?

CDA 932 660 bearing bronze copper alloy is a high leaded tin bronze with trace amounts of iron, nickel, and antimony, making it an absolute workhorse of a bearing bronze alloy. It features excellent machining properties, good hardness, wear resistance, and great anti-friction qualities.

What is C93200?

C93200 Bronze is a general purpose bearing alloy possessing good anti-friction properties, ample strength and hardness, adequate ductility and excellent machinability. It is used as bearings, bushings, light duty gears and sprockets, impellers, wear strips, plates, automotive fittings and washers.

What is SAE 660 bronze?

SAE 660 Bronze or C93200 as it also commonly known is a high-leaded tin/ bearing bronze. SAE 660 is one of the most widely used alloys on the Bronze range, mainly due to its versatility as a medium range Bronze that make it suitable for many applications.

What is the best bronze for bearings?

Aluminium bronzes are the strongest of copper-based bearing alloys. They also show superior strength at elevated temperatures and are the only bearing bronzes capable of being heat-treated. Manganese bronzes unite very high strength with substantial corrosion resistance.

What is Ampco bronze?

A highly polishable, high-strength and better alternative to brass with better grain. Higher mechanical properties without lead and cleaner trace elements. High wear characteristics and corrosion resistance.

What is SAE 841 bronze?

SAE 841 Oil Impregnated Bronze Bearings from National Bronze Mfg are self lubricating and maintenance free. Manufactured through powdered metallurgy, this process gives the bearings tiny pores formed throughout the structure of the bearing.

What is the best bronze for bushings?

SAE841 Sintered Bronze:These oil-impregnated bronze bushings can be used with both high and low speeds, as well as high and low temperatures, depending upon the type of oil. SAE841 is also used for applications requiring food-grade quality.

Is bronze good for bushings?

Bronze is a versatile and commonly used material for bushings because it comes in many alloys and compositions. Bronze sleeve bushings or bronze bearings are hard and strong, as opposed to brass bushings, which are softer and more easily deform. Thus, bronze bushings have longer lifespans than brass bushing sleeves.