How to disassemble a Glock?

Step 1. Unload Your Glock First, make sure the gun is unloaded before you disassemble it. Then, you need to check the chamber and make sure to remove any ammunition present. Step 2. Remove the Barrel Next, you need to pull the trigger then pull the slide back about a quarter of an inch.

What happened to the Glock pistols?

Glock changed the captive, polymer guide rod and flat coil spring assembly they’d been using since 1988 in favor of a telescoping dual spring setup that was billed to reduce felt recoil and improve service life. Instead, early adopters got cycling issues and an offer from Glock to return their pistols for service free of charge.

How do I safely field strip my Glock?

Follow this guide to safely field strip your Glock in just a few minutes. Point the pistol in a safe direction. Make sure that the pistol is pointed in a direction where any accidental discharge cannot cause physical harm to you or anyone else.

How do you install a trigger on a Glock?

Trigger Assembly Push the connector back into the trigger housing. Insert the trigger spring open end down (as shown). The spring goes over the back lip of the housing and threads through the hole below the small notch. Then rotate upward. Trigger Safety Check With your Glock re-assembled,

What are the disadvantages of field stripping a Glock?

One issue with the field stripping procedure on a Glock semiautomatic is that the trigger must be pressed in order to remove the slide. This has resulted in negligent discharges for some Glock owners that failed to properly unload the gun prior to beginning the disassembly.

How do you open the slide on a Glock?

Grip the Glock in the right hand as shown in the picture and move the slide slightly (about 1/4 inch) to the rear. While holding the slide slightly to the rear, use your left thumb and forefinger to pull the take-down lever downward on both sides of the gun.

How can I protect my table from a broken Glock?

KEEP PARTS FROM DISAPPEARING: You bump your table and a pin rolls to the floor. Stop searching for those small parts. Get this Glock gun mat. The attached parts tray is red to help you see parts and the magnetized section holds very small parts in place. PROTECT YOUR KITCHEN TABLE: Tired solvent damaging your kitchen table?