How often does an Audi need to be serviced?

Audi service intervals We typically recommend booking your Audi in for a service every 9,300 miles or every 12 months, or whichever occurs first.

What is Audi service schedule?

First standard maintenance service due at 15,000 or 20,000 miles (depending on model year) or two years, whichever occurs first. Thereafter, every 10,000 miles or 1 year after first service, whichever occurs first.

Does a multitronic gearbox have filter?

These vehicles have an internal oil filter that does not require replacing [lifetime filter]. This type of gearbox is least common.

How do I know when my Audi needs a service?

The Audi “Service Due” indicator light: Your Audi will be due for service every 10,000 miles or one year from your last maintenance, whichever comes first. An indicator light on your dashboard, that resembles a wrench, will activate when you reach your next service interval.

What is Audi standard maintenance?

The Audi Standard Maintenance schedule is conducted every 20,000 miles and consists of all the services in the minor service, and adds a check of the safety belts, convertible roof (if equipped), cooling system, exterior lighting, drivetrain check for leakage, check of suspension components, latches, sunroof, plenum …

How does Audi multitronic gearbox work?

The Multitronic used a rubber belt that moved back and forth between two conical pulleys, allowing the gearbox in an A4, A6 or A8 to “shift” without steps. This means the driver will not feel any gear changes, acceleration is one gradual movement, resulting in a very smooth ride.

How does Audi Multitronic gearbox work?

How much does Audi charge for a transmission fluid change?

The average cost for an Audi A4 Quattro transmission fluid change is between $155 and $176. Labor costs are estimated between $78 and $99 while parts are priced at $77. This range does not include taxes and fees, and does not factor in your specific model year or unique location. Related repairs may also be needed.