How much notice does Walmart need for a cake?

Whether you’re planning to pick up the cake on the day of your special event or the day before, be sure to place your order at least 24 hours before your planned pickup time.

How many does a 2 tier cake feed?

2 tier wedding cakes start at 6 pounds (30 servings) using a 6″ tier on a 10″ tier. 3 tier wedding cakes start at 10 pounds (50 servings) using 6″, 9″, & 12″ tiers.

How much is a cake for 50 guests?


Servings Tiers Price
50 2-Tier $175.00
60 2-Tier $205.00
75 3-Tier $250.00
100 3-Tier $325.00

What is the price of 2 pound cake?

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₹ 2,000/ Pack ₹ 450/ Kg
Baked As per requirement
Brand As per requirement
Cake Flavour all
Customized As per requirement Chocolate truffle cake

What size cake will feed 40?

The average 12″ wedding cake serves 40-60 people. The 10″ cake on top of that serves 30-40 people and the 8″ cake on top of that serves 20-25 people.

Does Walmart sell baby shower cakes?

Walmart baby shower cake prices are the same as those for birthday cakes. Like in the case of wedding cakes at Walmart, the price depends on the final size of the cake. If you want a sheet cake for your baby shower, you can choose anything from a quarter sheet to a full sheet.

Are birthday cakes at Walmart worth the price?

Birthday cake prices at Walmart are amazing – we all pretty much know that by now. However, the Walmart cake prices aren’t all you should focus on. In order for a cake to be truly valuable, it also has to bring quality to the table.

How much do cupcakes cost at Walmart bakery?

Walmart Bakery Prices Walmart Cupcakes Mini Cupcakes (12 count) $2.98 Chocolate Curl Cupcakes (10 count) $6.00 Assorted Cupcakes (6 count) $3.78 Assorted Cupcakes (12 count) $6.00

Can I order a cake at Walmart bakery?

Pick up at your local Walmart Bakery. Choose from our many flavors & decorative options. Our bakery will create the perfect custom cake or cupcakes for your special occasion. Pick up & enjoy! Your order will be waiting for you at your local Walmart Bakery.