How much is a Weathertightness report?

Pre Purchase Visual Weathertightness Condition Report – Including moisture checks

1-2 Bedroom apartments $430.00
3 Bedroom Dwelling up to 180m2 $470.00
4 Bedroom Dwelling up to 260m2 $490.00
5 Bedrooms Dwelling up to 290m2 $520.00
6 or more Bedrooms $600.00

How much does a building inspection cost Auckland?

between $450 and $1,200
A building inspection usually costs between $450 and $1,200, depending on the house and the quality of the inspector.

How long does a building inspection take NZ?

1 1/2 to 2 hours
This is dependent on the size of the building. For an average size house (3-4 bedrooms), we allow 1 1/2 to 2 hours on site. For larger buildings, more time may be required.

What does a building inspection cover NZ?

Services – The inspection of services will cover a large range of items including: the type of wiring, electrical checks of lights, power points and meter board, checks of the plumbing, hot water system, and the testing of heating appliances, ventilation systems, and smoke alarms.

What is monolithic cladding NZ?

Monolithic cladding gives property exteriors a smooth, seamless look. When installed properly and used in low risk scenarios, it is a safe and attractive exterior cladding option. In NZ, there are three main types of monolithic cladding: 1. Stucco or solid plaster.

What does weather tightness mean?

Weathertightness is a building’s ability to prevent water from penetrating the building envelope. It depends on the building’s location, materials and design. Preventing damage caused by moisture makes it safer and healthier for occupants.

How much does a builders report cost Auckland?

How much does a building inspection cost, and what does it cover? A comprehensive building inspection and the report will usually cost at least $400 + GST, and can go higher depending on the size and nature of the property.

How much does a builders report cost?

Full Written Building Report Prices

1-2 bedrooms house inspection cost with a full written building report $370
3 bedrooms house inspection cost with a full written building report $400
More than 3 bedrooms Extra $30/room

What stages does a building inspector check?

Typically they will take place at key stages such as:

  • Commencement.
  • Excavation, (before excavations are filled).
  • Foundations (before they are covered up).
  • Laying of damp proof courses.
  • Installation of new drains (before covering up).
  • Construction of the primary structure.
  • Installation of insulation.
  • Roof construction.

How do you negotiate after building inspection?

If you want to negotiate, you need to give the Seller clear instructions about what you want the Seller to do. This may involve you engaging further licenced trades people to inspect and clarify the extend of works that need to be undertaken. Be prepared to meet these additional costs upfront.

Should I get a builders report?

If you are buying at auction, you will need to get the building report before auction day as the purchase at auction is deemed to be unconditional. If you are making an offer on a property other than at auction, you should make the offer conditional on a builder’s report or a due diligence investigation.

Are all monolithic homes leaky?

Leaky Homes But just as not all monolithic homes are leaky, not all houses with other cladding styles are immune, so it’s wise to always enlist the services of a building inspector.