How much is a 2013 Ford Mondeo worth?


Ford Mondeo Models SPECS PRICE
LX 2.3LRegular Unleaded Petrol 6 speed automatic $6,200 – 9,680
LX TDCi 2.0LDiesel 6 speed $7,000 – 10,890
Titanium 2.0LPremium Unleaded Petrol 6 speed automatic $9,200 – 13,860
Titanium TDCi 2.0LDiesel 6 speed $9,600 – 14,520

How many Ford Mondeo models are there?

As of 2018, Ford has produced five versions of the Mondeo across four generations. For its first two generations, the Mondeo was produced using the CDW27 platform, with the third-generation model shifting to the EUCD platform. The fourth-generation model uses the CD4 platform (the first car to do so).

Why is Ford discontinuing the Mondeo?

A Ford spokesman told Autocar that the main reason for ending Mondeo production comes down to “changing customer preference” and that Ford is “evolving our passenger vehicle range in Europe to meet changing customer needs as we move to an all-electric future”.

What year is MK3 Mondeo?

Ford Mondeo MK3 (2000 to 2007) The MK3 Mondeo was launched in 2000 after a discontinuation of the MK2, and was quickly recognised as one of the best cars in Britain by numerous publications.

When did Ford stop making Mondeo?

March 2022
Last year it was confirmed that the Ford Mondeo saloon would be phased out of production by March 2022, with Ford citing changing customer demand as the reason for calling time on its previously big selling family car.

Do Ford still make mondeos?

The Ford Mondeo family car will be axed in the UK and the rest of Europe from March 2022, the manufacturer has confirmed. The model is being discontinued because of falling sales because buyers are switching from traditional family cars to SUVs. Ford says it sold just 2400 Mondeos in 2020.

What will replace the Mondeo in the UK?

New 2022 Ford: what can we expect? Ford is looking to capitalise further on the SUV trend. Out goes the saloon-cum-hatchback bodystyle as the Mondeo replacement morphs into a mid-rise crossover estate.