How much is a 1942 farthing worth?

The current catalogue price is $30.00 in mint state 60 and there is no price for this coin in mint state 63, which they are. It is a scarce coin, in much better condition than they usually come.

How much is a half farthing worth?

The British half farthing was a coin valued at 11,920 of a pound sterling, or one eighth of a penny. It was minted in copper for use in Ceylon, but in 1842 was also declared legal tender in the United Kingdom.

Is a farthing coin worth anything?

The Farthing (¼d) coin from “fourthing,” was worth one quarter of a Penny. It was minted in Bronze and replaced the earlier Copper Farthings, it was used during the reign of six monarchs: Victoria, Edward VII, George V, Edward VIII, George VI and Elizabeth II, ceasing to be legal tender in 1960.

Are there any rare farthings?

One exceedingly rare type of farthing was minted during the reign of Richard III (1483–1485). The obverse legend around the king’s bust is RICAR DI GRA REX. Only one very rare type of farthing was issued during the reign of King Henry VII (1485–1509), struck at the London mint.

What is the bird on a 1942 farthing?

Within a beaded border, the reverse of the coin depicts a wren (bird) standing facing left; in the field behind it, in monogram form the signature of the designer: HWP (for Harold Wilson Parker). Around below, the denomination FARTHING; above, the date 1942.

When were farthings last used?

The farthing gained importance during the Second World War, but never circulated as freely as the halfpenny; minting ceased in 1956 and farthings were demonetised at the end of 1960. The halfpenny survived until decimalisation, ceasing to be legal tender from 31 July 1969.

What are old farthings worth?

There were four farthings in a penny, twelve pence in a shilling, and twenty shillings in a pound; so 960 farthings in a pound. The purchasing power of a farthing from 1860 to its demise at the beginning of 1961 ranged between 12p to 0.2p in 2017 values.

How much is a farthing worth in the Bible?

The Greek word for the quadrans was κοδράντης (kodrantes), which was translated in the King James Version of the Bible as “farthing”. In the New Testament a coin equal to one half the Attic chalcus was worth about 3/8 of a cent.

What was a farthing in old money?

The British farthing ( 14d) coin, from Old English fēorðing, from fēorða, a fourth, was a unit of currency of one quarter of a penny, equivalent to 1960 pound sterling, or 148 shilling.

What could you buy with a farthing?

In Victorian times, a farthing could buy three oysters, with bread and butter, from an oyster-seller walking the streets of London. The coin would be enough to purchase a sparrow at a market in London’s East End. In 1859, the Government decided the poor state of the copper coinage demanded its withdrawal.

How much is an English farthing worth?

Values of the Farthing Today A very fine example will command around £7.50, while a perfect uncirculated example can be worth upwards of £100. Moving forward in the Victorian era, and an 1880 farthing – with Britannia on the back still – is somewhat rarer than those issued in the earlier years.

Why is there a wren on a farthing?

King Edward eventually gave in on the question, fearing that such designs would be unacceptable to the British people, but non-heraldic themes for the halfpenny (a sailing ship) and farthing survived. The selected design for the farthing, a wren, placed the smallest British bird on the British coin smallest in value.