How much does triple superphosphate cost?

The price of fertilizer triple superphosphate (TSP) stood at 265 U.S. dollars per metric ton in 2020.

How much does Super phosphate cost?

The trials were based on actual super costs over time, however, it was more telling to extrapolate recent superphosphate prices ranging between $400 and $465 per tonne for the entire trial periods.

What is triple superphosphate used for?

Triple phosphate fertilizer, commonly known as triple superphosphate (TSP), is one of the first high-analysis phosphorus fertilizers. It is a very common fertilizer for promoting plant wellness and is often used for fertilizing leguminous crops, like beans or alfalfa, since they do not require nitrogen fertilization.

What is the difference between superphosphate and triple phosphate?

The key difference between single superphosphate and triple superphosphate is that single superphosphate is produced from phosphate rock and sulfuric acid, whereas triple superphosphate is produced from phosphate rock and phosphoric acid.

How do you make Triple Super Phosphate?

Manufacturers make nongranular TSP typically by reacting finely ground phosphate rock with liquid phosphoric acid in a cone-type mixer. Granular TSP is made similarly, but the resulting slurry is sprayed as a coating onto small particles to build granules of the desired size.

What are fertilizer prices doing?

On the demand side, crop prices are high. Corn, soybean, and wheat prices increased by 60% from the summer of 2020 through the end of 2021. High crop prices incentivize farmers to apply more fertilizer per acre, which would place pressure on fertilizer prices.

What is the formula of triple superphosphate?

Triple superphosphate [TSP, Ca(H2PO4)2┬ĚH2O], also known as concentrated superphosphate in North America and monocalcium phosphate monohydrate (MCPM), is a chemical fertilizer material with a phosphorus content of over 40%, measured as phosphorus pentoxide (P2O5).

How much does urea cost?

Urea had an average price of $887/ton. On a price per pound of nitrogen basis, the average urea price was at $0.96/lb. N, anhydrous $0.91/lb.

How do you apply superphosphate?

To apply the fertiliser it should be spread evenly as per the label instructions and lightly hoed or forked into the surface of the soil. If the soil is dry, water in well. Once the plants or crops are established, then Superphosphate can be used as a top dressing in early spring.

When should I use super phosphate?

Directly at planting is the best time to use superphosphate. This is because it promotes root formation. It is also useful when plants are beginning to fruit, supplying nutrients to fuel larger fruit production. During this period, use the nutrient as a side dressing.

When can you spread superphosphate?

With winter active clover-based pastures, it is customary to apply superphosphate in the autumn at the start of the main growing season. This is the best time to apply superphosphate where soil phosphorus levels are low and immediate responses are expected.

How much phosphorus is in triple superphosphate?

around 48 percent
Both are derived from insoluble mineral phosphate, which is activated into a soluble form by an acid. Single superphosphate is 20 percent phosphorus while triple superphosphate is around 48 percent.

What is the percentage of phosphorus in superphosphate?

Superphosphate (8.8% P) – This is produced by treating rock phosphate with sulphuric acid, and is the most commonly used phosphorus fertiliser. Also used are double superphosphate (17.1% P), triple superphosphate (20.7% P), mono-ammonium phosphate (MAP,21.9% P), or di-ammonium phosphate (DAP, 20%P)

How much does fertiliser cost in Australia?

Due to global demand, Australian farmers are having to contend with the rise in nitrogen fertiliser costs, with the price of Urea climbing even further at a whopping $700 a ton! The price of Potash fertiliser, as of May 2021, was $260.81 AUD per metric ton.

What are the benefits of richgro super phosphate?

Promotes healthy and vigorous root systems in all plants Richgro Super Phosphate is a fertiliser rich in phosphorous that promotes healthy and vigorous root systems in all plants. It encourages successful germination of seeds and early establishment of seedlings.

Which fertiliser is best for Australian soil?

The main products that make up nitrate-based fertilisers (e.g., ammonium nitrate and calcium ammonium nitrate) are typically well-suited to Australian soils. Phosphorous Fertilisers: One of the most common phosphate fertilisers is single superphosphate.